Thursday, February 7th 2008

Hit Movie 'Juno' To Possibly Become Video Game

Being the avid gamers you all are, I'm sure you know that there have been some pretty ridiculous game concepts that went to market, and some pretty good concepts that never went into production. Be it ridiculous or not, the Indy hit "Juno" could possibly show up at your local video game store in the near future. Considering that the movie is a moving comedy with heavy dialog and little action, whoever takes this game up is in for a whopper of a challenge. If they pull it off though, Juno could become quite the franchise. There are very little details on this idea at the moment, other than plans to turn Juno into a game for "casual gamers". How, exactly, they will turn Juno into a video game for the masses is unclear.Source: 1Up
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5 Comments on Hit Movie 'Juno' To Possibly Become Video Game

Wow, idk how they're going to do this...but it was a good movie.
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Whats the objective? Get pregnant?
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ShadowFold said:
Whats the objective? Get pregnant?
Two words: Hot Coffee.

Now, just imagine that as an entire game, with 16-year-olds.

Who thinks up this crap?
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how would you do this?

"mission objective get in paulies pants by sundown"
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Bird of Prey
The movie itself looks stupid from the previews Ive seen.
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