Friday, February 8th 2008

Popularity of Nintendo DS Begins to Curb, PS3 Sales on the Rise in Japan

According to the latest sales trends, it would seem as though the Nintendo "it prints money" DS is starting to lose popularity. In fact, all handheld consoles are beginning to lose their appeal in Japan. Right after the Christmas season, sales of everything went way down, and now that we're in February, the DS is being outsold by the PSP and the Nintendo Wii. Sony ought to be happy to know that PS3 sales are picking up in Japan, most likely due to the release of Devil May Cry 4. The pretty bar chart will answer any further questions you may have on Japanese game platform sales.

Source: Reg Hardware
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4 Comments on Popularity of Nintendo DS Begins to Curb, PS3 Sales on the Rise in Japan

I think the Popularity is still there, if just the market is reaching it limit for units sold. Everyone that wants one has more likely got one
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Is this a case of actual sale beginning to curb (ie not as many people are buying it because the don't want it) or is it just a general year on year trend (ie did the same thing happen this time last year?!)

Without a year on year trend it is difficult to conclude on this information.

What is interesting is how the PS2 is still outselling the 360 in Japan, I would have thought everyone and their grandma would have a PS2 over there by now.
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Well, of course the sales will fall if the supply is not there. Here in the US, retail and online stores have not had the DS in stock since early December.
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of course they can't sell any more in japan... every single person there already owns at least three O.o
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