Saturday, February 9th 2008

Analysts: Keep Windows XP Until At Least 2009

The Gartner and The Burton Group, two highly respected groups of analysts, confirm what consumers have been saying for the past year or two: June 30 2008 is simply too early to stop printing new licenses of Windows XP. The analysts had this to say about any OS transition:
A good rule of thumb in any OS transition is that you have to have the original and new products available for at least two years to handle customer (migration) needs
Analysts over at Gartner explain why, exactly, Microsoft should be easing off the "upgrade your OS" button. While Microsoft does a fine job of ensuring as much application compatibility as possible, they simply cannot patch up every single application on the face of the planet, especially "home-brew" applications and applications from minor things. Pushing the cut-off date off by seven more months (so that the cut-off date would be two years after Vista was first released) would give everyone plenty of time for transitions.

There are a lot more reasons, which are just about all listed at the source link, if you're interested.Source: Infoworld
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especially "home-brew" applications and applications from minor things.
Which make up the majority of applications out there... ugh. :rolleyes:

They (Microsoft) obviously wanted every developer to switch over to .NET by the time Vista rolled out. They hoped everyone would have rewritten their “home-brew applications” under .Net and everything would be just fine. Problem is, .Net dissemination among developer shops was (and is) nowhere near what they expected, and for good reasons.
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XP definitely has some juice left though even if support stops. Unofficial support will surely keep it alive long after MS stops updating/supporting it. With the rumors about SP3, I just hope the gaming factor/compatibleness are resolved and most of the bugs are sorted out from what they forgot to implement on SP2.
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in 2009 i allready left xp
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