Monday, February 11th 2008

Scythe Announces Super Slim Shuriken Cooler

Scythe Co. today announced the company’s lowest profile heatsink, Shuriken CPU Cooler. Shuriken is the hand-hidden weapon used by old time Ninja warrior to attack its enemy. Scythe Shuriken CPU Cooler comes with 3 most-wanted features in the cooling industry. One of them is the “Extreme Low Height” feature which makes this product to be compatible to most cases in the market. The second feature is the slim 100mm x 12mm thickness “Super Slim PWM Fan” which is originally designed by Scythe engineer to make this product as low height as possible. The last feature is the weight being super light as 355g, which is nearly the same as the box CPU cooler comes with Intel or AMD CPU. Furthermore Shuriken CPU Cooler is equipped with the famous and patent pending VTMS (Versatile Tool-Free Multiplatform System) mounting mechanism to accomplish a tool-free mounting. The supplied fan clips allow the optional use of after-market 92mm fans or the Scythe Kaze Jyu 100mm fans.

Source: Scythe
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WhiteLotus said:
I like it! Any word of pricing?
32.00 (USD)
27.95 (EURO) excl. VAT
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Thanks malware - I didn't see the price, however on closer inspection they are at the bottom of the page
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Resident Grammar Amender
I'd like to read a review on that...
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the slimmer the fan, the less airflow it makes and when it comes to cooling, att that matters is CFM not RPM
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Bird of Prey
Really nice. Looks about perfect for a htpc or some deal like that.
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Wish they came out with this sooner! The thing to remember is that one can use a standard size/cfm fan instead if they have the room and long as the sink performs well.

Funny, I just got a Scythe Andy Samurai after noting that it seemed like the best performing cooler for my limited case height - after installing the cooler and the fan, I had about 1cm of space between the top of the fans and the side of my case :eek: - I had forgotten to take the fan dimensions in to account when considering heatsink sizes.

After a half hour with my jigsaw, I now have a perfect aperture in the sidepanel sucking nice fresh air in.
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intel igent
Mattgal said:
the slimmer the fan, the less airflow it makes
lower pressure, not flow ;)

a high pressure fan will work better than a low pressure fan.

nice little HSF. slap a 92mm tornado on there and i bet it would rock :rockout:

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The local Micro Center got some in stock yesterday. There are many of them in stock. Somebody should buy them.
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