Monday, February 11th 2008

Red Hat and Ubuntu Win Linux Popularity Poll

Ubuntu and Red Hat are the most used Linux distributions among the 35,000 members of content-management vendor Alfresco's community, the company found in its second survey of trends in enterprise open-source software usage. The surveys help inform Alfresco's technology strategy, according to Ian Howells, Alfresco's chief marketing officer. "It's important for us to know which platforms to test against first," he said, adding, "It's in users' interest to give us good data." Among Linux operating systems, usage of Ubuntu and Red Hat stood at 35 percent and 23 percent, respectively, according to the survey. Suse, OpenSuse and Suse Enterprise collectively garnered 13 percent; Debian, 15 percent; and "other" distributions usage of 14 percent. Users also reported using a variety of proprietary enterprise software. Among Windows users, Vista adoption was just 2 percent, compared to 63 percent for Windows XP and 28 percent for Windows Server 2003.

Microsoft's Office suite remained strong, however, with 66 percent usage. Twenty-four percent of the respondents reported they used OpenOffice. However, German and French users were twice as likely to use the latter compared to those in the U.S. or U.K., Alfresco said.

Tomcat held a dominant position in the application server category, logging 72 percent. JBoss' entry stood at 18 percent. Entries from Sun, BEA and IBM rounded out the field.

In the virtualization category, VMware perhaps predictably ranked highest, at 61 percent. Microsoft's Virtual Server took 16 percent, followed by Xen, Parallels, Virtual Iron and "other" offerings, according to the study.

MySQL took home the database prize, with a 60 percent tally, followed by Oracle with 14 percent and Microsoft SQL Server with 13 percent.

"It kind of validates that people want to have a mixed stack," Howells said of the overall results.

Alfresco collected data between July and December of last year, with survey participants coming from 260 countries, according to the company. Fifty percent were from Europe, the Middle East and Asia, while 24 percent were in the U.S., and 26 percent from other nations, Alfresco said.Source: PC World
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Way no surprise.... I run both Ubuntu and Fedora *Which linux guru's know is Redhat*
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I just started playing with Ubuntu.. it's probably popular because the interface is VERY easy to use and lot more user friendly than other distros. It's also very similar to Windows which helps people with the transition.

I did try OpenSUSE but after taking 6 hours to try and get my graphics card installed so I could use desktop effects, I gave up. Ubuntu took about 10 minutes with a few clicks and a simple command line.
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better linux the noobuntu try vectorlinux soho, very well rounded suit, far nicer then noobuntu :)
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Wile E
Power User
I'm still a Fedora man. I say it's plenty noob friendly.
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