Tuesday, February 12th 2008

2K Games Licenses Unreal Engine 3 for New Games

In a rather vague press release, 2K Games officially licensed Epic Games' Unreal Engine 3 to use in making an unknown number of undisclosed games. One of these games is very likely to be the BioShock sequel, whatever it may be. Unfortunately, at this point, it seems as if BioShock sequels will only come out once very two years (or that's what the author feels, at this point), and Ken Levine (the main writer for the original BioShock) will not be part of a BioShock sequel. Hopefully, the new titles 2K is developing will not run into the problems that developer Silicon Knights is having. Silicon is having so much trouble getting Unreal Engine 3 to work that they've sued Epic Games.Source: 1Up
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