Wednesday, February 13th 2008

Top PC Firms at Risk from Taiwan Monitor Maker Fire

A fire at one of Taiwan's Lite-On fabs could disrupt supplies to the PC industry, with Dell, HP and Lenovo particularly at risk, an industry researcher said on Tuesday. Lite-On's factory, located in the southern Chinese city of Dongguan, caught fire after an electrical line short circuited, fortunately no one was hurt in the incident. However, the fire had caused initial damage of around T$2.266 billion ($71 million), and caused fourteen production lines of liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors to stop working. "This could have a major impact on the landscape of the desktop monitor industry in the first and second quarters of 2008, but most probably in regards to share shift rather than in overall supply and demand," said DisplaySearch analyst Chris Connery in a report. He added that Dell, HP and Lenovo - Lite-On's top contract partners - could suffer from supply distruption. But Connery added that if the Taiwan firm outsources its own production to local competitors or if the PC companies switch to Lite-On competitors the damage could be limited.Source: Reuters
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~Technological Technocrat~
personally i found lite on's parts very cheap - I have 1 of their DVD players which when running ANY sort of CD sounds louder then an swarm of arfikan killer bees. lucky for me thas sitting in my back up pc rig.

Lite-on are a very shit brand but because of this OEM companies might feel more inclined to buy from them - because they are cheap
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Bird of Prey
Lite On's burners are marvelous. However, I didnt know they were making LCDs.
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I actually like liteon because they use the same lazers as sony and that came from a guy i know that works for sony fitting class 1 lazers.
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