Wednesday, February 13th 2008

PlayStation3 Reached 1 Million Sales in UK Faster than PS2

While people criticize the Sony PlayStation3 for various reasons, Sony appears to be doing something right. Despite large total sales leads that both the Microsoft Xbox360 and the Nintendo Wii have on the Sony PS3, the Sony PS3 is beating one console: it's predecessor. In the United Kingdom, it took the PlayStation 2 50 weeks to reach 1 million sales. Considering that the PS3 was launched on March 23, 2007, it took Sony a little less than 47 weeks (yes I did count) to sell 1 million units in the United Kingdom. Comparatively, it took Nintendo 38 weeks to sell 1 million Wiis in the UK, and Microsoft required 60 weeks to sell 1 million Xbox 360s. Source: Nordic Hardware
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It's over 9000!!!
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Considering that the PS2 had a more aggressive market back then, a 3 week advantage is no big deal. The PS3 offers no real advantage as a gaming console at this time. Whatever else it does isn't enough to make it a winner.
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I don't own a PS3.
I doubt I will ever own a PS3 (or any console for that matter).
But if Sony is doing well with sales, the competition is good for all console consumers.

Me? I'll stick with my trusty PC.
If games only come out on consoles, I just take the condescending attitude that, "They are not worthy of being a PC game." :roll:

I'm not console bashing, the new hardware is really innovative and exceptional.
The consoles just do not have the diveristy that a PC has for me.
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I prefer my PC over consoles but in all honesty i would buy the PS3 instead of a bluray player (obviously because it comes with bluray.... might as well get a ps3 with it). But if it came to buying a console i think the Wii actually looks like the most fun.
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kakazza said:
"You are not authorized to view this resource.
You need to login."
I guess you are not a member of the "Elite" !! :roll:
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The PS3 was given away with bundles like long term mobile phone contracts and home cinemas amongst other things and this no doubt allowed the PS3 to gain 1m sales faster, if you even buy Aol broadband in the UK (2 year contract) you can get a free Ps3 or a laptop.
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ktr said:
Look at this:

^^^ Maybe Zek can post a news topic on it.

The wii being the hot selling console, actually has the lowest average game rating.
Pretty interesting article, and I find it to be true...

Let's take Lost Odyssey for example:

The game gets advertised by Microsoft to be the Epic type game, and then it gets mixed or average reviews. It's really a testament to a lot of the games on the Xbox.
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2x the amount of Blu-Ray movies have been sold there.
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sold better than the dont get the whole wii craze...i think its nintendos worst console ever...meh...ps3 will do better in the future...not enough games at the moment :)
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Bird of Prey
Woohoo. Thats what Im talking about. I dont even play my 360 anymore. Not because I dont want too, but all my games have somehow disappeared. Though, there are a couple of RPG types coming out for the 360 (as well as a couple other genres) Id love to get a hold of.
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I think general growth in the gaming industry accounts for this. How many game consoles were sold in general in that year compared to the xbox360/ps3/wii now?
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