Tuesday, February 19th 2008

Elonex to Release £99 Linux Laptop

To combat the Asus EeePC, American company Elonex will be offering a Linux-based laptop for roughly £99 ($193/€132). Dubbed the "One", we can confirm that it will have Wi-Fi connectivity, Ethernet networking, a solid-state hard drive, at least two USB ports and audio jacks. It will also weigh less than a Kilogram. The cheap laptop was designed around the classroom. The entire case is about as tough as a turtle shell, and the business-half of the laptop (the part without the screen) can be detached from the laptop at any time, and hooked up to any type of display, in case the monitor fails. Elonex will be taking the One to Birmingham, UK, on February 28th for The Education Show. Elonex will unveil further details/specifications on February 28th.Source: Reg Hardware
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3 Comments on Elonex to Release £99 Linux Laptop

Well (if this isn't vaporware), wow.
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superb achievement, I think the Asus model may be coming down in price soon.
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i like it, i like it a lot,idea for the casual laptop user or net surfer and id just add a 2.5 usb hard drive!
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