Tuesday, February 19th 2008

ForceWare 174.12 Beta Available

NVIDIA’s 174.12 beta ForceWare driver has found its way onto the internet and can now be downloaded for all versions of Windows XP and Vista. It supports just about all GeForce 6,7 and 8 series cards, although there are no release notes. The download locations are as follows:
  • Windows XP 32-bit – here
  • Windows XP 64-bit – here
  • Windows Vista 32-bit – here
  • Windows Vista 64-bit – here
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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7 Comments on ForceWare 174.12 Beta Available

installing, ill see if i get a boost
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does not install even with the ini modded to work
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when it works its good but i keep getting this damn error i think it might be up to my ram i think that my ram is holding back my cpu aswell so i might just change from 3gb or random cheapo crap to OCZ PC2-6400 Gold Edition i mean if it lets me play games i will just have to drop the extra gig possibly i can sell the other stick to get a new stick

anyway what the hell is with all these leaked drivers?
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Served 5k and counting ...
Hmmm try them or no ...

I think I may make the switch over to Vista 64 now, I will try these when I do over the week.
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
no release nots whoever did this mad broke an nda..but w00t iv been talking to bdfg and some other dudes to get them to give me the 64bit drivers...already got someone to leak me the 32's...btw...these drivers support the nvidia 9 series...their also optimized for crysis.....got that info from someone who was entitled to the drivers by the company cant say who though.
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i wish they worked for me, i edited the ini and got 169.83 reported still grrr
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i didnt mod the ini file and it recognised my 8800gt fine and came up as correct drivers

got a problem tho with that damn display driver error well i underclocked my ram by half and its stable but every time i revert to an old driver even after safe mode and use driver sweeper it still does the display driver error if not underclocked
crysis dosnt work but half life 2 ep 2 everything max at 1200x1000 aa af full 16x goes from max 140fps to 50fps and averages about 90fps by just looking at fraps counter

good drivers tho if you can get em to work
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