Tuesday, February 26th 2008

PQI Prepares New 4GB DDR2 Memory Kit for CeBIT 2008

Memory solution provider, Power Quotient International or PQI for short today renewed its Turbo overclocking modules by introducing a reworked 240-pin DDR2-1066 4GB dual channel kit. The new kit includes two 2GB memories each made of selected 70nm modules in 128MBx8 double-sided configuration soldered on a 8-layer PCB. PQI's DDR2-1066 4GB kit is slated to work at 1066MHz (CL5-5-5-15) using only 1.92V. In addition, the modules have diamond cut heat-spreaders with a phoenix graphic design to keep your modules nice and cool. The 4GB dual channel kits will be available at the 2008 CeBIT in Hannover, Germany.

Source: PQI
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12 Comments on PQI Prepares New 4GB DDR2 Memory Kit for CeBIT 2008

hmm.... sounds like a nice recipe for some overclocking goodness.
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those are some beautiful heatspreaders!
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Wow, they certainly do look nice, good speed/timings for 2gb sticks too, though it looks a pain in the arse to remove the heatspreaders, like newer ocz's (though realistically you wouldnt need to anyway)
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nflesher87 said:
those are some beautiful heatspreaders!
agreed, they look nice
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nice, i just got a 4gb (2x2gb) GEIL EvoOne kit, running at 1200mhz, but cant lower timings much at all..

when modules similar to these show up i think ill sell up and move on.

I needed 4gb, but certainly want much more overclocking potential as the evo's struggle and need high voltage
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That is some RAM with CLASS.
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where the hell are my stars
very nice are we going to see a review of these?
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Creator Solaris Utility DVD
+1 on on that beautiful heat spreaders.
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they do look the part, they remind me of the geil dragon series for some reason..

I don't know much about PQI memory, its not that big down here. Whats it like??? Is it cheapo stuff or what....
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Nice, I will be looking for something just like that in the near future...... I wonder what price....
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Resident Grammar Amender

I've been looking for RAM that doesn't exceed 2volts but by the time I'm ready to buy my Nehalem/Bloomfield based set up, DDR3 should be a lot cheaper, faster and on lesser voltage.

These are nice sticks, really nice.
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