Wednesday, March 12th 2008

OCZ Introduces Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler

OCZ Technology Group, a worldwide leader in innovative, ultra-high performance and high reliability memory and computer components, today unveiled the OCZ Vendetta 2, an efficient new CPU cooler with a powerful 120mm fan design for maximum performance. Utilizing a distinctive stacked fin design and trend-setting heat-pipe direct touch (HDT) design combined with a large low-noise fan, the Vendetta 2 is built to solve the cooling challenges of today’s most powerful processors.

Engineered to aggressively handle the heat produced by enthusiast systems, the Vendetta 2 builds upon the already excellent performance of the original, and delivers ultra-quiet performance courtesy of a 120mm fan mounted with anti-vibration rubber connectors to reduce excess noise. The Vendetta 2 delivers extremely efficient heat dissipation to enthusiasts at a price point that is still enticing to a variety of budgets.

“Cooling is an important part of any computer system, not only to keep ICs operating but also to maintain a temperature range in which they operate at optimal power efficiency,” commented Dr. Michael Schuette, VP of Technology Development at OCZ Technology. “Aside from raw temperature numbers, these considerations are also gaining importance in the context of green computing. The Vendetta 2 is the latest addition to a family of direct-contact heatpipe coolers under the Vendetta umbrella and brings increased size and performance to the table at an affordable price.”

Utilizing the proven performance of the latest HDT design, the Vendetta 2 has direct contact with the processor using three copper heat pipes to ensure the most rapid heat transfer. The dimple micro-configuration of the stacked aluminum fins adds turbulence, reducing the skin effect of air flow for more efficient circulation within your case. The versatile and user-friendly Vendetta 2 is compatible with AMD AM2/939/754/755 and Intel 775 sockets and can be installed quickly and easily by end-users at all skill levels.

Quiet and efficient heat dissipation makes the OCZ Vendetta 2 the top choice to cool the latest processors. The Vendetta 2 provides superior and reliable performance with its state-of-the-art design for enthusiasts looking to upgrade for improved system stability for high-powered and overclocked systems.

For more information on the OCZ Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler, please click here.Source: OCZ Technology
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15 Comments on OCZ Introduces Vendetta 2 CPU Cooler

Old one had a 92mm fan?

OOH! HDT! It'll be really interesting to see how this compares to the Xigmatek!

BTW - has anyone tried lapping the heatpipes??? From the looks of it, you might be able to pry away the aluminum piece from the heatpipes near the base, grind that down, and do a nice lap job on the pipes :D
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Wile E
Power User
So who wants to bet that this is a Xigmatech cooler, with the fins stylized?
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Editor & Senior Moderator
All your base are belong to Xig.

Yes, the base looks similar to the Xig. The irregular fin design becomes a demerit if someone decides to attach a pull-fan on the other side which some Thermalright/Xig users did.
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From OCZ's Web Site on the original OCZ Vendetta:
Using a distinctive, highly efficient heat pipe and fin design developed by Xigmatek, combined with a low-noise fan, the Vendetta is built to tackle heat-induced performance degradation and solves the cooling challenges of today’s enthusiast system builds.
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:banghead: <-tk

If I didn't want to go water, I'd want a four-heatpipe xigmatech with two 120mm fans, and I'd lap the heatpipes :D
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DanishDevil said:
:banghead: <-tk

If I didn't want to go water, I'd want a four-heatpipe xigmatech with two 120mm fans, and I'd lap the heatpipes :D
Well xigmatek are waiting for other manufacturers to release their own monster coolers that are around the same size and do better- which hasnt happened yet.
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well lets see if it performs better than the Xigmatech. im betting on about the same.
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There is just to many choices now in the air cooler department. My scythe Ninja+ revB is not the best, but for the price I paid, it is a pretty sweet cooler. I wonder what will be my next cooler. I wonder how it would fit an a HTPC case, wich will be my next setup.
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I wonder if it'll cool better than Thermaltake's average water cooling 760i solution? :ohwell:
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Holy Molly, that's a huge sink!
I have the Xigmatek S1283 and it barely fits my Antec 900. I take it this one is the same height...
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So is the Thermalright Ultra 120 extreme heat sink still the best air cooler?
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well if you overwhelmed by the amount of coolers avaiable you can always check out they bench all coolers and organize by socket compatibility, cooling performance, and noise.
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tkpenalty said:
Designed, manufactured, and shipped by xigmatek. Looks like a custom model by OCZ themselves because xigmatek dont have this... yet.

Damn. Just when i thought i had the best cooler. Xigmatek WHY?

Whos seen this? FOUR HDT heatpipes :p

A pimped up HDT S1283... nickel plated pipes and fins.
I used the RS1283 on my new built, I am really interested in finding out the new SD964 though, seems like is base on S963 with additional heatpipe + mounting for 2 fan. =)
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Bird of Prey
Sweet, I was also gonna say it seems Xigmatek hit on a gold mine. I cant wait to see what everyone else brings out (Zalman, Arctic Cooling, etc)
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