Thursday, March 13th 2008

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Patch 1.006 Released

New patch for S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, updating the game to version 1.006 is now available. Weighing in at just a few megs, the update offers multiplayer fixes and a new anti-cheat system.

DOWNLOAD: US Release | Non-US Release

Multiplayer game changes:
  • Fixed crashes connected with memory allocation.
  • Fixed crashes upon disconnecting of the client, who didn't have the map used on the server (when using a game MOD).
  • Added uptime parameter to the dedicated server info, indicating the time of uninterrupted server functioning in days, minutes and seconds.
  • Fixed crash connected with the shooting from the grenade launcher.
  • Fixed crash connected with dropped/eaten item.
  • Fixed crash connected with starting new game (for example, upon map changing).
  • Fixed crash connected with joining to the server upon map changing (the client respawned on the old map, while the other players already switched to the new).
  • Fixed bug with killing the players when too many players appeared on the base when the round started.
  • Fixed bug with killing the player when throwing a grenade.
  • Fixed bug with player's invisibility when putting armor on.
  • Fixed bug with entering invalid commands in console.
Multiplayer game additions:
  • Added BattleEye option (Anti-Cheat system:" rel="nofollow" target="_blank" class="external
  • - Protects network packages and the server;
    - Used only with the Internet server;
    - Added servers filter to the "Network game; Server" and "Network options" menus;
    - Uses automatic Internet updates.
Source: Shacknews
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12 Comments on S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Patch 1.006 Released

Nice cant wait to start playing again!
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S.T.A.L.K.E.R is one of the most innovative, immersing games I've ever played, try it!
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Resident Grammar Amender
Is it just multiplayer updates?

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its been so long vcant wait to start playing this game.. Also i have the other patches and they werent that great. What about this one. We will see.:roll:
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Ok the patch officially sucks..hope the game doesnt turn out that way or the companies screwed.:twitch::wtf::shadedshun:
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I hope it can get the average ping of most ppl under 100
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I hope I can start playing this with excitement seeing as though its been through a number of patches already. Where's my MB ASUS!?!
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Resident Grammar Amender
I didn't really enjoy the multiplayer side of STALKER, I just what them to improve upon the single player. Hopefully these patches will iron out some of the bugs for that.
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My X1950pro plays this game terribly considering it was made for PC.
On the other hand playing stalker using the 8800GT stopped all the performance issues I was having previously.
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I'm running STALKER on a Q6600 stock with X800SE. And it runs very smooth. However, the lighting option needs to be at default. Turn it up, and the poor GPU chokes. However, the graphics are still good even at default settings.
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Stalker graphics look good you say? I thought they were kinda rubbish looked a bit backwards compared to other games, anyway thats not what the game is about. I get crappy frames on this game dunno why tho as i have a decent system its not like they are unplayable when all put up high, i just think i should be getting over 100fps and not 40fps sometimes.
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You have some problems with your setup Kieran.

1./ 3GB RAM? If that is 3 sticks then you are probably running under speed. DDR requires 2 identical (or 4 identical) RAM to work dual channel double data rate

2./ Your AMD 4600+ is a great CPU, but a poor cousin to a Q6600

3./ I'm not sure how many assets are on the HDD, but I have a Samsung F1 SATA with 32MB cache. Your slower 250 with 8MB cache might also be causing you the slowdowns.

4./ Your GPU setting might include dynamic shadows. Try turning that off. While it does look better, it is a combination of CPU and GPU stress to render that. And your CPU definitely cant cope with those. All other features can be high. (dial back FSAA, AA if necessary. I prefer to use NO FSAA, AA but run it at a higher resolution to compensate).

Ive got a relatively weak X800SE, and really, the game is 100% payable and in fact quite smooth. Patch v1.005 needed.
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