Friday, March 28th 2008

PQI Unveils New 4GB Phoenix Series DDR3 Kit

Power Quotient International (PQI) has released a new DDR3 dual channel memory kit. Part of the Phoenix Series of DRAM products, the Turbo Immortality Edition DDR3-1600 4GB (2x2GB, CL9-9-9-24)) dual channel kit is aimed at being paired up with the latest Intel X38, X48 and NVIDIA nForce 790i motherboards. The two modules also feature aluminum heat-spreaders with a phoenix graphics engraved on them. Set to work at 1600MHz DDR3 frequency and beyond, the XMP (Extreme Memory Profiles) supporting modules make use of Elpida's 70nm 128Mx8 DRAM chips. The new 4GB kit is backed up by a lifetime warranty. Pricing and availability haven't been announced yet.
Source: TechConnect Magazine
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2 Comments on PQI Unveils New 4GB Phoenix Series DDR3 Kit

Is that a 1x4GB module?
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Dangle said:
Is that a 1x4GB module?
Probably not, the title reads DDR3 "kit".
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