Monday, March 31st 2008

Adobe AIR Alpha for Linux is Out

The Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), which allows developers to take web applications to the desktop and store data offline, is finally coming to Linux. Adobe announced today that the pre-release alpha version of AIR for Linux is available immediately on the Adobe Labs site. Adobe shipped the 1.0 version of AIR for Windows and Mac last month but was forced to delay the Linux release. According to a FAQ on the Adobe site, the reason for the delay was that the AIR team had to "wait on the core Flash Player's support for Linux to be finalized." Adobe is also releasing an updated alpha version of the Flex Builder 3 for Linux to include support for AIR applications. Source: ReadWriteWeb
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Hopefully photoshop and all will come to Linux :)
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xfire said:
Hopefully photoshop and all will come to Linux :)
Google's working on that. ;) They need Photoshop, and they've got no love for Microsoft.

But, back to AIR on Linux -- I've installed and used this, and it works great. I even tried the Ebay Desktop AIR application, and even though it wasn't specifically made with a Linux enviro in mind, it works wonderfully.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Seriously, Adobe is doing great service with this. If they roll out the entire Adobe Creative Suite for Linux/BSD, I'm sure a lot of users/organisations in the media industry that only use their computers for such applications would LOVE to save those ~$100 Windows paper licenses for their machines and hire Mr. Tux.
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Graphical Hacker
If photoshop worked well on linux, then I would be switching permanently...
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