Thursday, April 17th 2008

BenQ Launches Joybook R45

BenQ expands its Joybook R series lineup with the launch of Joybook R45. Powered by a 2.10 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the Joybook R45 features an extra-bright 14.1” widescreen display enhanced by the BenQ’s patented UltraVivid technology, an integrated 2-megapixel webcam for video calls and a luxurious leather-like finish with special soft-touch coating. The Joybook R45 also comes equipped with the best-of-class nVIDIA GeForce 8400M G discrete graphics and supports major WiFi standards, keeping you connected at much faster speed.

Meticulously designed and built, the Joybook R45’s leather-like finish with latch-free closure evokes a handsome leather-bound folio that enables the R45 to fit in with any personal accessories. The WLAN and power buttons are set in a stunning aluminum decorative strip with a striking crimson seam making the laptop the one that truly stands out from the rest.

BenQ’s visual display expertise amplifies all applications from video calls to multimedia applications. The Joybook R45’s 14.1” wide-screen LCD panel is rated at an extra-bright 200nits and its display performance is boosted further by BenQ’s patented UltraVivid technology, which takes advantage of DBEF (Display Brilliance Enhancement Film) to deliver vibrant, razor-sharp picture quality that is always perfect, even for brightly-lit environments.

The Joybook R45 is a mobile multimedia powerhouse that offers superior experience rendered by the best-of-class nVIDIA GeForce 8400M G discrete graphics compatible with the integrated HDMI interface, speakers (1.5W x 2) with the smart noise suppression and echo cancellation and an integrated microphone for high quality video calls and other AV applications.

The BenQ R45 will be available in China, Taiwan, S. East Asia and Russia in April, 2008.

The official product page can be found here.Source: BenQ
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~Technological Technocrat~
this has been out for aaaaaaaaaagggggeeessss - IMHO BenQ laptops arent all that = they may look cool but in reality they lack the solid feel of say an Asus or a Dell laptop

my laptop is made by BenQ - its the Joybook S73G with the dedicated ATi X1600MR graphics which was new & Top Of The Range 2years ago when i bought it.

1 thing i can never understand....this S73G was their current top of the range laptop when i bought it but yet they didnt include built bluetooth unit or even the built in D-TV tuner which was said in the spec to come as standard by the main website.

& because i was in Hong Kong when i bought the laptop - H.K didnt have any Digital Broadcasting at the time but thats not an excuse to leave parts out intentionally because your country hasnt got the right facilities/services.

& now that H.K DOES have D-TV broadcasting - theres no way i can get the DTV tuner which was SUPPOSEDLY supposed to be built into my laptop back for free.

So my loyalty & respect for BenQ is pretty low....

want a good laptop??? go buy an Asus
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