Monday, April 28th 2008

Dell to Continue Selling Windows XP Professional Beyond June 30, 2008

InfoWorld US reports that Dell will continue to sell and support Windows XP to consumers beyond the June 30 date that Microsoft reaffirmed as final sales date for Windows XP Professional. Dell will use a licensing option which Microsoft calls a "downgrade" license that allow buying a Vista Business or Vista Ultimate license and still provide Windows XP. Dell will preinstall XP Professional as a "downgrade" on a variety of desktop PCs and laptops, that include some Dell Latitude, OptiPlex, and Dell Precision systems as well as some Vostro and Dell XPS gaming systems where the downgrade will come for a small fee. The computers available with the XP option will include the Windows Vista installation DVD in the box so users can later install Vista over XP under the same license if they wish. Dell said it will utilize and support this program as long as Microsoft supports it.Source: InfoWorld
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The Exiled Airman
problem is OEM disks wont be able to be bought
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18 posts, and only one person managed to make an attempt remain on topic. The topic of this thread is not "who can start the biggest flame war?"
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~Technological Technocrat~
didnt some guy from M$ say that theywould keep XP on past its 'slaugter' date IF users wanted to keep XP???

IMHO they should still sell XP with the lower end machines & but they saying that vital upgrades such as RAM which Vista seems to love so much doesnt exactly cost the world anymore.

(whats the spec of vista basic????)
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FreedomEclipse said:

(whats the spec of vista basic????)
Windows Vista Home Basic
Recommended system requirements

* 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor
* 512 MB of system memory
* 20 GB hard drive with at least 15 GB of available space
* Support for DirectX 9 graphics and 32 MB of graphics memory
* DVD-ROM drive
* Audio Output
* Internet access (fees may apply)

And at around £50 - £60 or $100 + per OS...not bad really.

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Semi-Retired Folder
Personally, I love XP. I think it has matured into a very stable OS, but has had its growing pains just like Vista is having now.

At this point, I am actually glad to see Microsoft stopping sales of XP and kind of disappointed that larger companies like Dell are still selling computers with XP on them. The only way Vista will mature is for people to use it. It isn't nearly as bad as it was when it was released, and right now I would have no problem running it on all my machines if I could afford licenses for all of them.
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XP Sp3 with Vista transformation pack..enough for me :pimp:
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I would totally pay extra for dell to put xp on a machine for me.:rolleyes:
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Bird of Prey
Im glad to see it still supported. Too bad XPs SP3 doesnt apply to 64 bit. Im tempted to install Vista, but Im not ready for it yet, I dont think.
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"Dude! You're gettin' a overpriced version of Windows XP!"
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Dell = FAIL
HP or Gateway = Epic Winners

Not really...
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