Friday, May 2nd 2008

NZXT Rouge Silver Now Available

Introducing the performance gaming SFF chassis from NZXT, the Rogue, built with an 3mm aluminum frame and fitted with the best cooling possibilities like five 120mm fans, the Rogue offers the best performance and quality for M-ATX gaming systems. Tailored for LAN parties, the Rogue comes standard with a carrying strap, capability for four hard drives and long video expansion cards like the NVIDIA 8800GTX. High performance parts also means a high wattage PSU so the Rogue was also designed to hold high wattage 750W power supplies through the use of an extension bracket. All the components inside can are also protected by the sturdy frame and a locking mechanism to insure maximum security. NZXT has designed the Rogue to offer the best cooling, craftsmanship, expandability in this range of chassis.

Source: NZXT
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9 Comments on NZXT Rouge Silver Now Available

i like it!
if i was to build a lan computer or a htpc this would be on the top of my list for cases!
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i love NZXT cases... (have the Lexa)...
loads of space... loads of cooling... looks sweet... cant fault it atall ;)
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~Technological Technocrat~
Id love to build one of these even if it wasnt for a lan party :P shame you cant fit a beeefy psu in one of these so your fairly limited on what kinda components u can have in it. having a 8800GTX/Ultra & a heavily overclocked rig would probably be pushing the M-ATX psu
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@post title: red silver? I think you meant Rogue... ;)
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Wow looks really cool. I might need to get one.
Love NZXT too. got the black Apollo.
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I have a Silver, and a Black NZXT Trinity. I like NZXT Cases also.
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Sold my stars!
hasn't the rogue silver been out for a long time now?
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panchoman said:
hasn't the rogue silver been out for a long time now?
Judging by their News page?
April 29, 2008 NZXT Rogue Silver Available Now!!
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Someone please correct the title of this newspost. According to, rouge is "any of various red cosmetics for coloring the cheeks or lips".
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