Monday, May 5th 2008

Futuremark Working on 3DMark Vantage Hotfix

Jaakko Haapasalo, project manager of 3DMark Vantage, confirmed on the Futuremark/YouGamers forums that a hotfix for the Vista exclusive benchmark is on the way. The patch is said to fix all current issues such as having to enter the product key twice, and having to ponder about an error popup on the first run. In addition the patch may enable owners of the Advanced version to save their benchmark scores offline. Futuremark will make an announcement with more info on the update this week. Source: YouGamers
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9 Comments on Futuremark Working on 3DMark Vantage Hotfix

They really should have fixed those issues before releasing the product though. A faulty key system and an error message at first startup are something you would except from a beta or alpha version, not a release.
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^ Agree with you, I encountered the first run error
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the new 3dmark is a coin bet :)

the 3dmark points are changing from one benchmark to another even nothing in system are changed .

at my first run I has 6200 points, after that I don't get more that 5000 points

somethings is bad with this benchmark
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:shadedshu See? I told you all 3DMark is nothing more than a gimmick...don't waste your time with it. Even if you win 10 more points than everyone else, what did you really win? You're still never be able to play with it. Just bench real games if you need to know how fast your system is (CoD4, UT3, Crysis etc.).
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Vantage is a buggy mess with ATi cards but I never experienced a problem with the key. I entered it once & that's it. But I do have the pro version. The my friend said the adv version is just as screwed as slated above. All in all, it is a stupid gimmick.
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It may be a gimmick for pple looking at there scores, but were I think this shines is testing system stabillity when overclocking, if your system cant make it though 5 passes of vantage, then it hasnt got any chance of remaining stable.
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I don't like the new 3d mark. The last 3d Mark had beautiful scenes. Not this one...
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good now i dont have to submit mine to the orb just to see my results!
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I liked the last 3dmark a lot so I bought Vantage. All I can say its been a great ball of suckage. Very buggy in fact it fouled up Vista to the point I had to perform a system restore because my PC failed to go into sleep mode after it was installed (which it did fix). There are only 2 new sceans unlike the last version plus none of them had sound which really lost its appeal to me. It's crap, and I wish I didn't buy it.
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