Thursday, May 8th 2008

New ECS Intel X48 and P45 Motherboards Coming

Although Intel's P45 chipset is set to be here in almost a month, there's plenty to see already. ECS also confirmed two new motherboards are on their way to show skills with other Intel X48 and P45 products. First mainboard has model name X48T-A and uses X48+ICH9R chipset configuration, while the second model is dubbed P45T-A and will work iwth the latest ICH10R southbridge. The implementation of heat-pipe cooling here is called QooTechII and solid capacitors are also a must have for high end products where ECS does not shine so much. Maybe this will change soon? Overall these two fellows are promising to become a good choice for people without deep pockets.
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4 Comments on New ECS Intel X48 and P45 Motherboards Coming

Lets hope they provide a good bios with their boards, imho thats where ECS loses out.
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Sold my stars!
hopefully these dont follow the trend of other ecs boards..
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Well, at least they have a decent color scheme....Lets hope they don't suck, like all other ECS's
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Wile E
Power User
Just looking at them, I can tell they are crap. Look at the power regulation components (or lack thereof). The P45 board doesn't even have 8pin cpu power, it's a 4 pin. That doesn't even take into consideration the previosly mentioned BIOS coding. ECS has to have one of the worst BIOS teams I've ever seen.

I've owned 1 ECS board, that I bought on a chance, the KA3 MVP. Worst board I ever owned. Sadly, it was mainly the BIOS that killed it. It actually had great potential. All the hardware was there, it just wasn't exploited. BIOS updates actually removed features. You know, just little features, like CAS ADJUSTMENT!!!!! What idiots.
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