Wednesday, May 14th 2008

Dell: Alienware, XPS will Coexist

In a statement issued on late Tuesday, Dell denied yesterday's report from the Wall Street Journal, that claimed the company was dropping its XPS gaming systems in flavour of Alienware. "Dell XPS and Alienware are both great brands...and both will live on," Dell's spokeswoman Anne Camden said in a blog. "But we are going to expand our focus on Alienware. We are going to invest like crazy in product development, design, and engineering to propel Alienware as the premier gaming brand in the future."
"XPS gaming systems will remain an important part of our gaming product portfolio. We don't plan an early phase-out of these systems, as the WSJ incorrectly stated, and in fact will continue to refresh them to keep them on the front edge of gaming," Camden added.Source: CNET News
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3 Comments on Dell: Alienware, XPS will Coexist

still dont understand why they kept the XPS...but im looking forward to the new alienware comps coming out.
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Yea. They should have dropped XPS when they bought Alienware.
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Dangle said:
Yea. They should have dropped XPS when they bought Alienware.
That would have been a very bad idea... Firstly a lot of people know Alienware as a rip off company, and a lot of people love the Dell name. It's not common knowledge that Dell owns Alienware. They could risk losing market, a decent amount if they dropped either Alienware or XPS, which is exactly why they are keeping both.
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