Monday, May 26th 2008

Arctic Cooling Launches the Freezer Xtreme Twin Tower CPU Cooler

Offering the enthusiast market one more high-end air cooling solution to choose from, Swiss company Arctic Cooling today announced Freezer XTREME, a twin tower cooler that's said to dissipate efficiently up to 160W. The heatsink consists of 102 fins, 8 heatpipes, 120mm PWM controlled fan, and design that resemble the beloved Tuniq- Tower 120 cooler. The fan itself spins from 800 rpm to 1500 rpm, while keeping the air flow up to 60.7 m3/h at max rpm. Arcic Cooling also supplies the cooler with their high-performance MX-2 thermal compound. The cooler weights in 608 g and can be mounted on both Intel Socket 775 and AMD Socket AM2+, AM2 and 939 motherboards. The Freezer Xtreme is offered with a 6-year limited warranty. It will be available in July 2008. The MSRP is US$39.95 or 25.95€.
Source: Arctic Cooling
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28 Comments on Arctic Cooling Launches the Freezer Xtreme Twin Tower CPU Cooler

It's huge. I hope it's not push pin.
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Well this might just replace my Extreme 120. Need to see benchies first.
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What a beast lol...I need a new cooler. This could be a possibility.
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Graphical Hacker
I need something to replace my AF64pro... unfortunately it covers 2 of my ram slots, and I bet this will cover all the slots... bummer.
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Looks good, but how well does it overclock?
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what ever you do dont drop the case when going to a lan or you may hear "snap crackel crunch" and sware about the broken foot then start crying when you realise the broken mobo,cpu, ect.....

btw it dose look good, but i wonder if it will do much like all those other monster coolers :(
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Hopefully this thing's got a nice thin copper base so its performance comes close to an HDT cooler. Nice price for it, too. Could be a tad lower, though, but it will drop.
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Bird of Prey
Shoot, no need to be lower. Arctic Cooling offers a great bang for buck for their awesome coolers. This thing is pretty big too. I doubt Ill trade in my Xigmatek HDT s1283 for it though. Pretty awesome nonetheless.
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WHAT A BEAST! I hope this is out before I get enough for a Xigmatek!
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seems like an excellent value for the price
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I see a X but has it got the X factor
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that thing looks like a brick!
prob weighs as much as one too!
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Just bough a xigmatec s1283 upgrading from a freezer 7 pro. Maybe I should've waited? :D
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The Exiled Airman
wonder how this compares to the ultra 120 and IFX 14 coolers, because the Scythe Cooler that looks like this one performed worse than the 120.
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The Exiled Airman
with a cooler of that size id rather have a backplate with screws.
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Mine is 460g and already bolted on, push pins are bad and even worse for 608g. But it does make it cheaper? and easy installation, unless you happen to have a backplate one already :) Mod it for bolt on installation and it could be great. Will be interesting to see a review even though I have no use for one now.
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I had to make a custom plate for the Thermaltake Typhoon after the weight of it started to physically pull my board off its sockets!

After doing that, i promised myself ill always have a bracket. 400 grams = bracket.

BTW, the Freezer Extreme would look sexy in my rig.
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does this use a flate milled base, or just the bare heatpipe thing that the xigmatech uses?
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The Exiled Airman
craigwhitesidedoes this use a flate milled base, or just the bare heatpipe thing that the xigmatech uses?
i think they would use a flatbase as the heatpipes didnt prove but a pain for contact due to the gapping.
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I'm not sure why any of the larger coolers come with push pins. It's just not smart. That's been my only dig with Xigmatek. A cooler that good, should not insult itself with f'in push pins!
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this twin tower cooler looks big enough to crash a plane into...
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jbunch07that thing looks like a brick!
prob weighs as much as one too!
Only 608g, not too bad at all really.
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