Friday, July 4th 2008

Transcend Introduces aXeRam DDR3-1800 MHz Gamer and Enthusiast Memory

Transcend Information Inc. (Transcend), a global leader in the manufacture of high performance memory modules, is proud to unveil aXeRam™ DDR3-1800+ Extreme Performance memory. Designed specifically for hard-core gamers using only top-binned, premium quality DRAM chips and custom high-purity aluminum heat sinks with cooling fins, the aXeRam DDR3-1800 dual-channel kit delivers amazing high-speed overclocking performance while maintaining cool temperatures and rock-solid system stability.

Transcend’s 2GB aXeRam DDR3-1800 kit’s two identically-matched 240-pin unbuffered 1GB DDR3 1800MHz DIMMs are carefully matched for use in dual-channel configuration, which together provide memory bandwidth of up to 28.8GB/s. To ensure extra-stability and signal integrity at high clock speeds, all aXeRam modules use robust eight-layer PCBs that fully comply with JEDEC standards. The aXeRam 128Mx8 DDR3 DRAM chips are selected with the strictest quality and performance standards and are manufactured using small Fine-Pitch Ball Grid Array (FBGA) packages to assure better thermal dissipation, electrical efficiency and improved overclocking performance. Transcend’s aXeRam DDR3-1800 modules also support new Intel Extreme Memory Profile (XMP) technology, which allows users with high-performance motherboards to easily overclock their memory with aXerRam’s built-in aggressive speed-maximized profiles, or manually input their own memory timing parameters to take their system to the next level.
Transcend memory modules are built to exacting specifications with the finest chips and materials available, and they undergo strenuous laboratory testing to ensure the best performance possible. Recognized worldwide for their reliable high quality, outstanding performance, excellent compatibility and stable operation, Transcend memory modules are the obvious choice of discerning power users.

Product Features
  • Rock-solid 1800MHz overclocking performance at just 1.8V
  • High-efficiency aluminum heat sinks with cooling fins
  • Supports new Intel Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP)
  • 8-layer PCB improves signal integrity
  • Perfectly matched for flawless dual channel mode support
  • Timing: 8-8-8-24
  • 100% tested for performance and reliability
  • Lifetime warranty
Source: Transcend
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8 Comments on Transcend Introduces aXeRam DDR3-1800 MHz Gamer and Enthusiast Memory

Editor & Senior Moderator
Yup, with that XMP support, they won't.
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Cold Storm
I'm with you both on that.. But, they are as sexy as Transcend gets!
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why not tripple channel kit :@
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Morgoth said:
why not tripple channel kit :@
There's no 3 channel desktop platform, as and when 3-ch boards do come out, they'll continue to sell these in kits so people buy two of them and end up buying an extra module, or dual-ch + single module. Either way these people profit.
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Bird of Prey
I imagine they use some form of Micron chips in these. We've seen kits out with 2000mhz ratings, so I bet these puppies will oc to probably 1850 to 1900 at the most, if we are lucky. Should be interesting to see someone review them :D
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Editor & Senior Moderator
1800 MHz @ 1.8v, 8-8-8-24, imagine at slightly higher voltage, say 2.0v.
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