Wednesday, July 16th 2008

Microsoft Preparing Gamer-friendly Keyboard

Microsoft is working on a new keyboard design that features modularity of key-clusters, the model Sidewinder X6 features a modular num-cluster that can be positioned for convenience of both left and right oriented users. Additionally, A row of programmable keys for binding game macros and a "cruise control" feature that will repeat keystrokes without the need for holding down a key (like the Turbo buttons on some SNES gamepads).Expect an official announcement from Microsoft in the near future as the Sidewinder X6 is expected to launch in September at a US $80 price-point.

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26 Comments on Microsoft Preparing Gamer-friendly Keyboard

Wow that's an awesome keyboard, I'm only used to seeing the 1st pic the common keyboard, I wonder how much would those keyboards be priced here... I only saw G-15 on malls compy shop and it's 5-5.5k pesos!! Omg!
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