Sunday, July 27th 2008

More Graphics Card Vendors Likely to Sell IGP Motherboards

Industry sources tell DigiTimes that more graphics card vendors could venture into IGP Motherboards. An IGP motherboard is that which uses integrated graphics processors (IGP) made by AMD or NVIDIA. This move follows a noticeable fall in the demand for entry-level discrete graphics cards, with consumers opting for motherboards with IGPs instead. IGPs such as the AMD 780G and the upcoming 790GX and those from NVIDIA such as GeForce 8200, offer performance on par with entry-level discrete graphics and also offer power-saving features.

Most vendors have outsourced their IGP motherboard manufacturing to OEMs, with the Minix 780G ITX creator J&W Technology, followed by Palit Microsystems and Jetway being the biggest gainers. It's also known that first-tier channel vendors (such as ASUS, MSI, etc.) dominate sales of these products leaving these new upcoming vendors to compete mutually before they take on those dominant players.Source: DigiTimes
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Bird of Prey
I know some of the hd 3XXX cards and I think all the 4xxx cards do the hybrid crossfire. If I Can get a decent IGP in a mobo and save some power when I doing things like reading and posting on TPU, Im all for it. Ill take a fully loaded (leather, sunroof, premium sound system, xm/sirius, dvd entertainment, navigation, backup camera, etc) mobo from MSI, Gigabyte or Asus thank you :D Preferrably the 790GX kind.
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Bring on the 790GX boards. I need to build new systems for the wife (The Sims) and kids (Barbie, etc).
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I am really starting to love chipsets, especially AMD's 780 chipsets. However I hope they improve the Phenom or else there won't be much interest.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
[I.R.A]_FBi said:
where are ati's intel chipsets
Gone. ATI stopped making Intel chipsets. They just gave Intel their CFX technology and chose not to compete with Intel's integrated graphics.
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meaning if ya want a good intel based computer with IGP its means getting there IGP
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Think of it this way:

4850e + 780G in gaming will still >>> a QX9750 Extreme @ 6Ghz + G33.

Therefore, a smarter choice :p
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A nice graphics card on a motherboard? Hmm... would be nice... No more heavy graphic cards on the fragile PCI-E ports. Sounds like a very good idea - looking forward to see what the future brings. ;-)
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its doable today with the MXM modules it could be done, but it limits your upgrade
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