Saturday, August 9th 2008

R700 Crossfire X Scaling Efficiency up to 104 %

Chinese hardware website ChipHell put up preliminary comparisons between the Radeon HD 4870 X2 and a Crossfire X setup using two of these cards to compare the scaling efficiency of these cards when paired in a Crossfire X setup. Readings were put up on a chart. The cards seem to scale up to 104% and in several tests the performance scaling stayed above 50%. The average performance increment a pair of these cards has over a single card is noted to be 66%, on launch drivers. It is general belief that entry-level and mid-range cards scale more efficiently than high-end cards. Scaling efficiency for these cards are high even with settings such as 4x AA, 8x AF enabled. The HD 4870 X2 is expected to be formally launched this Tuesday the 12th.

Sources: ChipHell, GPU Café
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wolf2009 said:
Interesting they didn't show that Nvidia loving game which reduces performance in Crossfire named Crysis . It would have been interesting if AMD finally found a way around that .
The reason why they didn't show testing on Crysis was because CryEngine2 was not designed to scale with more than two ATI GPUs. In Maximum PC's latest issue (Dream Machine), AMD says after MPC testing their once named R770 on Xfire that they are creating drivers to help the GPUs take advantage over Nvidia games that can't scale with more than two ATI GPUs. MPC's Dream Machine results on Crysis was 25 FPS on High with a resolution of 1600x1200. The results were low since CryEngine 2 didn't scale with DM's Skulltrail and Xfire setup.
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Eliranos said:
funny you talk to nvidia lovers while you have a gforce pic in as your avatar :laugh:
you right dude , cuz this my card and i like it , but this is the truth ati now better , when 8800xx come ati come with 38xx in that time the 8800xx is better but now i think not ati win, and they support old card's like 3xxx to right now , not like nvidia they release the 8800gts with g80 and kill it and forget it when they release g92 , and now i see there nothing useful from 9800xx you know why
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