Tuesday, August 12th 2008

NVIDIA Releases 177.83 Forceware, Offers Powerpacks

Strategically timed, NVIDIA released a new Forceware driver package, version 177.83 Forceware. This package weighing nearly 120 MB packs the PhysX API runtime, and brings about a host of changes. With this release, NVIDIA devised what is known as a "Powerpack" approach to deliver software and promote sales of its products. NVIDIA is giving away several goodies for free that are exclusive to users of the GeForce accelerators, most of them being exclusive demos of games such as Nurein, Metal Knight Zero. Warmonger, the full game is given away as a free download. Other parts of this pack includes the GeForce Folding @ Home client, a 30-day fully functional trial of the Badaboom Video Transcoding software and Unreal Tournament 3 PhysX mod. Two technology demos are also included. Users can customise on what should download, in essence make their own Powerpacks from what's available, following which depending on the web-browser used, the page launches an ActiveX or Java based download manager to deliver the software.

The NVIDIA Powerpack web page can be reached here.
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This works great on my 8600gts, physx is confirmed working thru PhysX-FluidMark
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lol, its working in sli with no work arounds.:rolleyes: Post later with results.:D
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guys , any idea about crossfire ati with nvidia card run physics in vista , i know it work in xp
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btarunr said:
I didn't do that, just ran the .exe, it worked. Driver cleaning isn't really required, optional.

You're the one laughing, exhibiting 'emotion'....who's emo now?
So if someone laughs that makes them 'emo?'

I think you should brush up on your social-urban terms there.
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Crazy 4 TPU!!!
If laughing makes someone emo, then ive been an emo for years.
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