Sunday, August 24th 2008

HP Gives Option of 24 Hours Battery Life with EliteBook 6939p

With laptops, if mobility is what you seek for, and the convenience of working on the battery for longer, you would usually buy several spare batteries and keep one or two of them charged inside the laptop messenger bag. Imagine not having to hit the mains for 24 hours on a laptop, that's right, 24 hours. HP is making this possible with the Centrino 2 based EliteBook 6930p put on show at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) event. This laptop comes in two primary configurations, based on the Intel integrated graphics, or ones using discrete ATI graphics which understandably, come with lower battery life.

HP made this possible by providing you 6 hours of rated battery life on the stock battery, and expanded its life with the optional HP Ultra-Capacity battery takes its life up to 24 hours, a boon for people on long-flights, scientists on field work or even outdoor photographers, or even not having to charge up for days before it goes low and requires a charge. The machine put up at IDF for a MobileMark evaluation used Intel's upcoming Sold-State drives that draw a mere 0.15 W at load.

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quite interesting, however im sure the extra long battery life (optional) wont come cheap.
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Wile E
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And what do you have to sacrifice for the space necessary to accommodate the battery?
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I would assume the battery simply extends out of the back, taking no extra space away from the internals of the laptop.
Also, on the HP website (from the link) it says "up to 6 hours with standard battery and 17 hours with HP Ultra Capacity Battery".
Doesn't seem like 24 hours to me...
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Wile E
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Perhaps they mean only the SSD and LED backlight equipped models can do 24hrs?

And looking on the HP site, the Ultra battery does appear external.
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this laptop is now as good as sex. 24 hours battery life is damned impressive.

17 hours would be for ATI graphics and HDD. 24 hours on integrated intel + SSD.
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That is mightily impressive considering if i get a few hours with my lappy battery im going good.
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That is quite impressive, my poor laptop will only get hour to hour and half currently. Its kind of sad.
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like it

on of hell idea
that is what im tackin apout
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