Sunday, September 21st 2008

VIA Readying Dual-Core Nano Processor

With ULPC, "small is big", they say. This summer, we had seen something not thought of since the days of the Cyrix processor: VIA (that eventually acquired Cyrix), battled with Intel for supremacy in regard to a segment of processors, in this case, ULPC. The VIA Nano proved to be a worthy alternative to Intel's Atom processor. However, with Intel releasing a dual-core version of the chip that remains within the 10W thermal envelope, it seemed like Intel leaped ahead of VIA Nano.

Fresh news suggests that VIA would release a dual-core version of the Nano processor by the end of this year to be able to make it to next year's CES held at Las Vegas. VIA has already earned itself production and supply contracts from HP, this could be accelerating the development of the new chip. In essence, the Nano could make it to HP's netbooks right upon release.Source: IT Examiner
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Thanks for the link swaaye.

So it seems P-M still wins, until dual core Nanos and Atoms are released... By Xmas, I wonder if Intel will have finally sorted abd supplied the low power chipset for the Atom?

I wonder what an underclocked ULV Core 2 would look like on a similar benchmark comparison.
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cdawall said:
still pointing out that the atom is outperformed enough that the Via beats it in the power consumption arena.

and the sarcastic BS comment about how smart i am? really what are you 3? your argueing with someone who has posted shitloads more than you and has 200 times as many thanked posts?

oh and were are the 3D benches? just wondering if you can support that claim yet
I for one agree that the whole Atom processor is way overpriced and the whole netbook movement (while being the same price as my Acer EX5620-4025 which I also use to rip movies on the road and play legacy games on) seems to be an overpriced hype. Sure my laptop loses its charge in 3hrs 30 min. but I can always find an outlet. But to say that you have so much more experience or intelligence because you have so many more posts than someone who has been around here for so much longer than you is fucking retarded. Perhaps I'll be removed finally for being so vulgar but people like you piss me off when they feel they should be so highly renowned for simply spouting out more shit than the rest. I for one only chime in when I feel I either should correct a gross error or misconception by someone on these forums, or that I can add some insight that otherwise would not be brought to the attention of original poster. I for one am smarter than you.... an IQ test will verify that. Sorry for the confrontational tone of my post, but I really do tire of the attitude of people on here feeling superior for having more posts whether they are fruitful or not (WOW OMG!!! get the point?)
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