Tuesday, September 23rd 2008

AMD 45nm Quad-Core Opteron Lineup for 2009 Detailed

AMD would be releasing 45nm silicon fabricated series of the quad-core Opteron processor based on the newer Shanghai core. Like its desktop PC counterpart, the Deneb core, it features 6 MB of L3 cache along with some enterprise-specific features. They will be designed for high-uptime and energy efficiency. AMD banks heavily on the performance efficiency and virtualization capabilities of these processors. There are primarily two types of these processors based on the multi-processor capabilities: the 2000 series 2-way processors and the 8000 series 8-way processors. The former supports two-socket systems while the latter is designed for dense 2+ socket environments, where up to 8 Opteron processors could work in tandem. The processors continue to have Socket-F (s1207) interfaces, hence the entire lineup retains its DDR2 memory standard.

Interestingly, AMD did not rework the system interface for all its newer chips. Across the vast lineup of 20 models, only four support the newer HyperTransport 3.0 interface with 4400 MT/s interconnects. The rest continue to use the 2000 MT/s interconnects. It could be mid-2009 by the time AMD launches its own enterprise-segment chipsets, which could also be the time when the current leading player, NVIDIA launches its newer nForce Professional lineup for the Opteron. Since current chipsets from both NVIDIA and Broadcom feature only the older HyperTransport 2000 MT/s interfaces, it could explain why most of these chips feature it.

Source: HKEPC
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where the hell are my stars
sweet i want a 32 core system :D
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Resident Grammar Amender
That's what I'm talkin' about!

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son_of_liberty said:
2.7GHz, 8MB total, 4 cores 75w :rockout: :toast:
that's ACP...the TDP is the classic 95W. 105W ACP = 125W TDP.
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must important thing i see in new amd cpu's is 45nm
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Bird of Prey
All our OTC Servers at work (the ones the government buys and sends out to our soldiers) has the Quad Core Opteron Processors, I believe I saw it today identified as an Opteron 2330 or 2335/6 or something, with 32gb of DDR2 667 Ram. I guess I dont need to say how fast they are, but they sure as shit are loud with their fans.
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