Tuesday, September 30th 2008

AMD Shanghai Ready to Ship

AMD Shanghai is the codename for a new enterprise processor the company is working on. It is a monolithic quad-core x86 processor that retains the design methodology of the K10h generation of AMD processors. It carries forward the Opteron brand. This time around, the company promises to have made numerous changes, big and small, learning from the shortfalls of the Barcelona chip. Shanghai will be the first 45nm AMD processor to make it to the market. Originally slated for Q1, 2009 its launch was pushed to Q4, 2008.

In a press event held yesterday, the company claimed that the company is all set to roll out the new chip. Initial volumes of the processor would run off existing core logic platforms by NVIDIA and Broadcom. It will retain the Socket F (aka s1207) package and support DDR2 memory. The lineup shows that most of these chips would retain the 2000 MT/s system bus, and all of them come with 6 MB of level 3 cache. A new company slide sourced by C|Net shows that the Opteron processor could embrace DDR3 memory only by 2010, with the introduction of the Magny-Corus 12-core processor architecture. Until then, the Istanbul 6-core processor the is slated for H2, 2009, could be the company's flagship product.

Source: CNET
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W1Z please do a review of these babies. Want to see how well it does.

Hopefully this gives AMD some sales.
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so i guess there wont be any new chipsets & boards for these Opties since they still utilize the 2000 MT/s bus. I thought i read something about new server CPUs utilizing the 3600 MT/s bus and AMD and Nvidia will have new server boards for them, is that still coming?
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Crossing fingers for a great product.

x2 on W1zz review ; )
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Bird of Prey
Looks like AMD has their own chipset for the procs sometime in the 1q of 09.
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Go go go AMD,it's your time or not...
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I hope that means that Deneb could be coming a little sooner as well. I doubt it though. :(
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Come on -- I'm still waiting on my Phenom X2. Put it out there at ~$70 and I'll buy it tomorrow. :P
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Sweet!!!! 6 core coming soon, aren't these supposed to have an improvement in clock for clock operations compared to Barcelona?
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