Thursday, October 2nd 2008

AMD Expects DirectX 11 and Windows 7 in 2009, More in Store

AMD conducted a presentation at CEATEC Japan, where the company took a sneak-peak at how the role of GPUs would become critical to the PC of tomorrow. This of course revolved around the company's newly adopted "The Future is Fusion" slogan, integrating all of AMD's technological expertise into object and function oriented solutions for the PC industry.

Among the numerous slides that formed part of the presentation, one such slide, shows some very interesting points on what the year 2009 looks like, from AMD's perspective. It shows a lot of things slated for much later to make it to the industry. To begin with, the DirectX 11 API and Windows 7 (Vienna) operating system could make it to the industry in 2009. However, there's no mention of them being "released" as such, or if they could just be working prototypes, such as alpha releases for use by select parts of the industry for mutual technology development.
For AMD to be ready with compatible hardware as and when the software hits the store, it needs the software way before-hand, so its hardware could be tailored to the software. The second most interesting bit is about OpenCL, and its propagation. OpenCL is a high-performance computing (HPC) API that finds competition in NVIDIA's proprietary CUDA. The API could be "open" for use by all players in the industry, and it could as well drive AMD's Stream Computing initiative. This also forms base for GPGPU applications that would well be compatible with AMD and any other HPC hardware vendor that chooses to implement it. The company also hints at the implementation of the 40nm silicon fabrication process for its upcoming graphics processors.

GDDR5 memory technology could propagate, and there are already indications of NVIDIA implementing this technology in its upcoming products. Also in line, are HD+ video standards, that take the HD video display resolution beyond the 1080i, multi-touch technologies that are human interface screens which are sensitive to touch at multiple points (zoomed into an image on an iPhone?).Source: PC Watch
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windows 7 hasnt changed its original ETA at all. Vista was late, 7 is on schedule. nothing about vista sucking at all.
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Old Microsoft roadmap had Windows 7 2010/2011, ok maybe only a year difference...