Monday, October 6th 2008

Report: Kingston Technology to Resell Intel Solid State Drives

Recent reports indicate that memory manufacturer Kingston Technology has teamed up with chip maker Intel to market flash memory-based drives to top makers of laptops and servers. Under the partnership, Kingston will buy SSDs from Intel and then rebrand them and resell them to its partners. Kingston is also set to provide technical support, testing and sell the drives to big brands like Hewlett-Packard, Dell, IBM and others.
"We have had both an engineering and marketing relationship with Intel for more than a decade," spokesman David Leong said. "This is one market where we believe it will grow quite a bit. The opportunity was there to jump into it right now with Intel," he added.
At the moment Intel produces a few solid state drives, aimed at the notebook and desktop markets as well as models for the server market. It's unclear whether Kingston will take the consumer path, or the server SSD side. The story is yet to be confirmed by both companies.
Source: DailyTech
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So you buy a new AMD system from HP and inside the case on the HDD it says Intel Inside. LoL
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Well, that's AMD's own fault for not being able to compete with Intel on this front. Besides, I'd take awesome performance over some brand name any day.
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