Saturday, November 15th 2008

Scythe Launches the Kama Panel 3.5

Scythe has manufactured yet another front panel, called Kama Panel, that may suit well to your case and needs. The Kama Panel takes one 3.5-inch and offers a card reader that supports all current flash formats, 2-channel fan controller and the possibility to relocate one SATA / USB port and the rear audio connection (Headphones, Microphone) to the front panel. Already shipping, the Kama Panel 3.5" comes in black color and has a recommended price tag of $27 or 21 Euro.
Source: Scythe
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4 Comments on Scythe Launches the Kama Panel 3.5

Ooh, that is quite a comprehensive multi-panel there. I like the idea of having a li'l bit of everything in one panel as opposed to a separate fan controller and i/o panel when I only need a couple fan channels and a few i/o.
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Resident Grammar Amender
That is a smart I/O panel. I really like the inclusion of the SATA connectors, very convenient.
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Bird of Prey
Me too, very awesome and very cheap!!
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The only panel I think I might want more than this is the 5.25" version. But this would be nice to have so I can fill my 3.5" bay with something other than a floppy drive, and at the same time accomplish something else I've been meaning to do: replace my formerly top-mounted i/o (gone now since it broke) with a front-mounted i/o.
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