Tuesday, November 18th 2008

Intel Launches Fastest Processor on the Planet - the Core i7

Intel Corporation introduced its most advanced desktop processor ever, the Intel Core i7 processor. The Core i7 processor is the first member of a new family of Nehalem processor designs and is the most sophisticated ever built, with new technologies that boost performance on demand and maximize data throughput. The Core i7 processor speeds video editing, immersive games and other popular Internet and computer activities by up to 40 percent without increasing power consumption.
Broadly heralded by the computing industry as a technical marvel, the Intel Core i7 processor holds a new world record of 117 for the SPECint_base_rate2006 benchmark test that measures the performance of a processor. This is the first time ever for any single processor to exceed a score of 100 points.

"Intel has delivered the fastest desktop processor on Earth to the most demanding users on Earth, the ones who are using their PCs for video, gaming and music," said Patrick Gelsinger, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's Digital Enterprise Group. "When you couple what is Intel's biggest leap in chip design with other incredible innovations like Intel's solid state drives, the Core i7 processor has redefined the computer of tomorrow."

Tech Web sites have been extremely positive in their product reviews. Anandtech states that "Core i7 continues to fuel Intel's beacon of performance." "The Core i7 is everything they promised it would be," says PC Perspective. "Nehalem is a masterpiece," says the Lost Circuits Web site. The Tech Report calls it "one of the most consequential shifts in the industry."

Intel's unique Turbo Boost Technology accelerates performance to match a computer user's needs and workloads. Through a sophisticated on-die power control unit and using new "power gate" transistors based on Intel's advanced 45 nanometer, high-k metal gate manufacturing process, Turbo Boost automatically adjusts the clock speed of one or more of the four individual processing cores for single- and multi-threaded applications to boost performance, without increasing power consumption. The Core i7 also has the latest Intel power-saving technologies, allowing desktops to go into sleep states formerly reserved for Intel-based notebooks.

The Core i7 processor more than doubles the memory bandwidth of previous Intel "Extreme" platforms, speeding the transfer of computer bits and bites in and out of the processor with Intel Quickpath Technology. Designed with Intel's Hyper-Threading Technology, the processor also allows multiple computing threads to run simultaneously, effectively enabling it to do two things at once. As a result, the Core i7 quad-core processor delivers 8-threaded performance.

The Intel Core i7 processor also offers unrivaled performance for immersive 3-D games - over 40 percent faster than previous Intel high-performance processors on both the 3DMark Vantage CPU physics and AI tests, popular industry computer benchmarks that measure gaming performance. The Extreme Edition uses 8 threads to run games with advanced artificial intelligence and physics to make games act and feel real.

The Intel Core i7 processors and Intel X58 Express Chipset-based Intel Desktop Board DX58SO Extreme Series are for sale immediately from several computer manufacturers online and in retail stores, as well as a boxed retail product via channel online sales.

The Core i7 processor is the first member of the Intel Nehalem microarchitecture family; server and mobile product versions will be in production later. Each Core i7 processor features an 8 MB level 3 cache and three channels of DDR3 1066 memory to deliver the best memory performance of any desktop platform. Intel's top performance processor, the Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition, also removes overspeed protection, allowing Intel's knowledgeable customers or hobbyists to further increase the chip's speed.

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A Cheese Danish
And here are the current prices for newegg. Honestly, if I could, I would probably build a new system for this puppy. Although, the price is rather extreme imo...but thats what you get when something new is released with new technology...
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wow - prices really don't seem too bad for brand new Intel tech . . . I was expecting even the bottom end CPUs to clock in at $700+
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Ya surprisingly they are cheap... But good prices on them, same cost for Extreme series, a little cheaper but nothing big, but other than that, spending only $300 on the low end i7 is not a bad thing anyways considering no Software/Gaming can use fully of the CPU, but eventually they will... but for starters I am gonna make myself a new Desktop with the i7-920 and see how that goes.. no difference than my old system, gonna use the i7 for a server comp lol
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An Intel i965 for Christmas or an AMD a945 for Easter...

Hmmm, candy or chocolate?

I would like both, please. You know, just to be fair and evenhanded.:p
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"I go fast!1!11!1!"
130w TDP is a little on the high side especially for the 920. Hmmm.....
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My stars went supernova
amd64skater said:
yeah but isnt that an engineering sample intel. doesnt that differ from the ones that just came out. Isnt their a difference? I thought i heard that somewhere
Sometimes, but from my little bit of going over to XS it seemed the engineering samples don't clock as high.
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DaMulta said:
Sometimes, but from my little bit of going over to XS it seemed the engineering samples don't clock as high.
so the new ones are better o/c's than the engineering ones. thats pretty good :respect:
im an amd fanboy and hats off to intel for now
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this like, omg a week old news already.
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Wile E
Power User
FordGT90Concept said:
130w TDP is a little on the high side especially for the 920. Hmmm.....
You can thank the IMC for that. Meh, either way, it doesn't bother me. My setup can handle some serious heat. I can't wait till I'm able to make the jump.
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