Tuesday, December 2nd 2008

Playstation 3 Firmware Updated to ver. 2.53

Sony released version 2.53 software update for the Playstation 3 game console. The new release brings in a host of feature tune-ups, feature additions and security fixes. This update is characterised by the introduction of full-screen Adobe Flash video playback for the web-browser, with the addition of Adobe Flash Player 9 to the browser. Others include minor user interface related changes that enhance the user experience. Ideally stability related issues should be addressed by this firmware release. The update can be installed from the console's own interface when connected to the internet, or by means of a PC download and when the update is bundled as a requirement on game discs. To learn more about this update, visit this page.
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2 Comments on Playstation 3 Firmware Updated to ver. 2.53

Bird of Prey
Id like a magnifier for when I am surfing the web. I have a 32" Vizio HDTV LCD and the text is too damn small. I have to get pretty close just to see it.
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Still waiting on H.264 support for MKV files.
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