Friday, December 12th 2008

UnitedKeys Taking Pre-orders of its OLED Gaming Keyboard and Keypad

A rival of Art Lebedev is approaching. UnitedKeys OLED, a relatively new name in the computer OLED business, is now pre-ordering two OLED peripherals that resemble Art Lebedev's Optimus Maximus and Optimus Mini Three keyboards. I'm starting with the UnitedKeys OLED gaming keyboard, a 103 standard keys keyboard with 9 customizable monochromatic OLED buttons. This keyboard is 20.5-inches long, 7.25-inches wide and fully functional under both Windows XP or Windows Vista. You can pre-order the UnitedKeys OLED keyboard now for $259.99. Also announced was the UnitedKeys keypad with just 9 OLED (customizable) keys. Both peripherals connect to the PC using normal USB 2.0 connection. The keypad has a MSRP of $199.99 and is also available for pre-order now. For more information, please click here.

Source: UnitedKeys
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5 Comments on UnitedKeys Taking Pre-orders of its OLED Gaming Keyboard and Keypad

Art Leb > UK in terms of style..
but prices are much
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i can buy a new computer, using the money~~~
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The Exiled Airman
IDK the art Keyboard is nicer, Imagine having Your Games launch a Profile that changes the keys on the board to your liking (Pic/words Wise) so when you forget what key does what (it happens to everyone) you can look at the pic and say right.
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I like because it is just a simple, basic gaming keyboard that doesn't have much unnecessary features. Then on the other hand, its pricey.
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I bought one of the Mini Threes, wouldn't advise them. Three RMAs later, none of them came without issues. Can't advise anything from a company with that kind of quality control.

Also, they didn't have stable signed x64 drivers. Even the unsigned ones were hard to get your hands on.
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