Friday, December 12th 2008

XFX to Sell AMD/ATI Graphics Cards Next Year

UK based has learned that XFX, one of NVIDIA's main AIB partners, is about to start producing AMD/ATI based video cards in the very near future. HEXUS has learned that a formal announcement, detailing the exact relationship between XFX and AMD/ATI, is expected next Tuesday. The AMD/ATI deal won't reflect on XFX's NVIDIA series cards, the company will continue to sell them as it is doing now. Expect more information, when available.Source:
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53 Comments on XFX to Sell AMD/ATI Graphics Cards Next Year

bwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahaha , i say this before when palit made ati card's , now im wait for evga take this move too
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The Exiled Airman
EVGA and XFX Make the Exact Same Motherboards, probably video cards too.
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This is only a good thing; more choice never is a bad thing (well, maybe apart from confusing those not-so-technically inclined)

Now all we need is BFG Radeons ;D
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