Monday, December 15th 2008

NOX Launches APEX Series Power Supplies

NOX launches in Europe the new series of modular PSUs, APEX. These are modular PSUs with Plug-n connections in 600W, 700W & 800 W represented in different colors. Its advanced modular design allows connecting only the necessary cables, saving space and improving the airflow inside the PC Case. All three models come with Active PFC (Power Factor Correction), and a ultra-silent 140mm fan with automatic fan speed control.

The APEX PSUs series are compatible with all the SLI or Crossfire configurations, they come with four SATA, and four PCI Express connectors. The APEX PSUs are also equipped with four 12v rails, and all the cables come with an attractive designed mesh sleeve to keep your installation nice and tidy. Furthermore, to ensure their safety and that of the rest of components of your system, the new APEX PSUs, offer you protection against short-circuits in addition to the following protective features OCP (Over Voltage Protection) / UVP (Under Voltage Protection) /OPP (Over Power Protection).

APEX series are environmental friendly PSUs with Green Power Technology, and ensure efficiency performances of 80%.

  • Power Output: 600 W, 700 W y 800 W
  • Standard: ATX12V V.2.91
  • Active PFC
  • Fan: 1 x 140mm
  • Rails: 4 rails of 12 V
  • 80% Efficiency
  • Modular Cables
  • Green Power Technology
  • Connectors: 1 x 20 + 4 pins, 1 x EPS 12V 4 + 4 pins, 2 x 6 pins PCI Express, 2 x 6+2 pins PCI Express, 4 x serial ATA, 6 x 4 pins (Molex), 1 x 4 pins (FDD)
Source: NOX Xtreme
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Bird of Prey
Very nice. WHo makes the PSUs for NOX? Are they only sold in Europe or a Europe only company? Whats the price?
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Is it just me or is the side labeling upside down?...unless the PSU is bottom mounted.
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