Monday, December 15th 2008

NOX Introduces the Coolbay HX

NOX’s new chassis is ready to support the maximum performance in your PC. It includes an extreme ventilation system with 4 fans and enough space for 9 drive bays to offer great versatility.

Side-door with transparent window and 200mm fan with a blue LED, and an interior finished all in black makes this NOX case unique.

  • Ready for liquid cooling systems.
  • Anti-vibration foam in the HDDs mounting wholes.
  • Anti-vibration rubber in the base where the PSU is installed.
  • Fan with speed control mounted on the rear.
  • Power supply mounts at the bottom of the case (power supply not included).
  • Expansion Slots with ventilation holes.
  • Anti-slide foot stands.
  • Stylish black interior.
  • Side-door with transparent window.
  • Mainboards Supported: ATX/MICRO ATX
  • Housing: SECC Steel
  • Drive Bays:
  • External: 9 x 5.25”, 1 x 3.5”
  • Internal: 4 x 3.5”
  • Air Cooling Set-up: Frontal Fan: 1 x 140 mm with Blue LED, Rear Fan: 1 x 120 mm, Top Fan: 1 x 200 mm, Lateral Fan: 1 x 200 mm with Blue LED, Bottom Fan: 1 x 120/140 mm (Option - Not Included), Ventilation area in the top of the chassis for improved airflow
  • Expansion Slots: 7
  • Top mounted I/O ports: 3 x USB, eSATA, audio and microphone
  • Chassis Dimensions: 500(H) x 205 (W) x 545 (D) mm
  • Weight: 9.4 Kg
Source: NOX Xtreme
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13 Comments on NOX Introduces the Coolbay HX

Guru Janitor
Is NOX affiliated with Antec in anyway? That is definitely a rebaged 900
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Odin Eidolon
nice ne, i bet some rad could fit in the top
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Guru Janitor said:
Is NOX affiliated with Antec in anyway? That is definitely a rebaged 900
It doesn't look like a rebadged antec 900 due to several differences in their design, such as the way the sidepanel latches on. This case would have scratched sides after opening and closing the side panel a few times, unlike the antecs cases by using tabs on the side panel which latch onto the holes and are held on via pressure then secured by the screws-antec NEVER uses that.

So while it does bear resembalance (and a better design over the 900 overall in terms of cable management) its not made by antec. Its another 900 clone.
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Bird of Prey
I really like the look of it and I love the black interior. Still again no mention of included dust filters, which would be nice giving the air flow on this. Love the layout too. It does somewhat resemble the Antec 900 but in no way is it much like it other than that. CM for one is alot better.
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Cold Storm
Just one thing... Darksaber, are you going to be reviewing it!? I really hope so!!!
The case looks pretty nice. I might want to get that for a small DL set-up

As for the Antec stuff... You'll all ways see case makers have a similar style to one another. But, they go and fix it up their way or another to make it work a little better..
But, that is me. My thoughts on it and what not..
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Looks just like a knock off of the 900 on the outside, but i must credit them on the internal features, way better imo
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I actually like this case. Im a big sucker for an all black interior case, dont have to break out the case and paint it now...:laugh: All in all, I do agree it looks like a beefed up ANTEC 900, but I wish the side panel didn't have that fan on it and a full window. I would look a lot better like that :D

I have noticed that NOX has a few cases that look a lot similar to other cases on the market... here's one that looks like the RAIDMAX Smilodon >>>
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Ditch the side fan and it looks good, seems like it will be quite expensive as well.
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Guru Janitor
I guess I phrased my statement wrong, all I meant was that the front panel, side window layout, drive cages, back panel, and basic structural design look almost exactly like the 900. I have seen many clones of the 900, but this is almost exact in the basic form of the case. With the exception of the drive cages, the inside is almost completely different, very true.
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Cut a few holes into the back wall of the Antec 900 for better cable management and you wouldnt want another case. Antec did really well with the 900 + 1200 case.

If this case is half the price, it would be very ideal for half the gamer.
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The Knife in your Back
Cut a few holes in any case and you can have good cable management.... It's the cases that don't need holes cut that are nice.
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Wow understated! What a great looking case. Hope to see a review as well.
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