Friday, December 19th 2008

Corsair Launches 850 Watt Power Supply for Gamers and PC Enthusiasts

Corsair, a worldwide leader in high-performance computer and flash memory products, today announced the launch of the Corsair TX850W power supply unit (PSU), the latest addition to the award-winning TX-series of high-quality PSUs.
The TX850W has been designed by Corsair and engineered to meet the demanding requirements of PC enthusiasts, creative professionals and gamers. It is built using Industrial Grade components to ensure clean and stable voltages, and has been qualified to operate at 100% load at an ambient temperature of 50ºC for unmatched reliability.

The Corsair TX850W boasts a dedicated +12V rail capable of delivering 70A (840W), which equates to 98.8% of the PSU’s total power output. This makes it ideal for high-end graphics cards and multi-core CPUs, such as the latest Intel Core i7-series, all of which require high amounts of stable power at 12V.

“Corsair’s TX650W and TX750W PSUs have led the market in terms of offering superior quality at affordable prices,” said Jim Carlton, VP of Marketing at Corsair. “The TX850W raises the bar even further by offering even more power while retaining the unmatched standards of quality that has led to Corsair recently being voted ‘Best PSU Manufacturer’ for the second consecutive year.”

In addition to high power output, the TX850W offers greater than 80% energy efficiency, resulting in less heat, less noise and lower electricity bills. The high-quality, temperature-controlled 140mm fan provides effective cooling at whisper-quiet noise levels under typical conditions.

Four 6+2-pin PCI-E cables are provided and the TX850W has been thoroughly tested for compatibility with NVIDIA SLI and ATI Crossfire solutions. The TX850W also boasts extra-long cables to support full tower chassis.

The Corsair TX850W is available immediately from all good stockists, and is backed by a 5-year warranty and comprehensive customer support via telephone, email, forum and the Tech Support Express helpdesk.

More information about the Corsair TX850W power supply can be found here.Source: Corsair
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14 Comments on Corsair Launches 850 Watt Power Supply for Gamers and PC Enthusiasts

Looks good. Can't wait to see what Corsair has in store next. This unit is built by CWT in case anyone was wondering. There's a good review up over at JonnyGuru already. :)
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Big Member
What is this going to set someone back? 200 bones?
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crazy pyro
Doubt it, I'd say around £120 would do it for this looking at the price point of the others. The use of industrial components may explain why my 650W one is so heavy.
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Editor & Senior Moderator
TheMailMan78 said:
What is this going to set someone back? 200 bones?
Won't be over $150.
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Bird of Prey
hell for $150.00 that isnt bad at all. In fact that is pretty awesome.

Id buy it for my new rig :D
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Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
are all TX series CWT?
TX650W, is made by seasonic. Hence why I bought it :D
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Is it modular?
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Wile E
Power User
hat said:
Is it modular?
No it isn't.
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crazy pyro
None of the TX series of PSUs are, if you're wanting a modular corsair one you'll have to go after one of the HX series probably.
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