Saturday, December 20th 2008

AOC Releases V22 Verfino Series Displays, Take Gaming to Another Level

AOC has launched their Gamer Certified series of displays designed to offer the latest in graphic technologies geared toward today's high definition, fast moving games.

AOC's Gamer Certified displays allow gamers to view HD games the way designers intended. All AOC Gamer Certified displays offer high contrast ratios and industry leading 2ms response times with DCR (dynamic contrast ratio) control, HDMI inputs and gaming modes for adjusting them to meet gamer needs on any HD game, whether it be on a console or PC.
  • For Gamers who need the latest:
  • AOC's 2230Fh leads the way with a 22" display, 20,000:1 contrast ratio and 2ms response time wrapped in a sleek designer bezel. AOC's 2230Fh is the gaming monitor of choice by the Underground Gaming Series Tournament and received rave reviews for its performance, design and price point.
  • For Gamers who want more:
  • AOC's award winning 2230Fm HD3 Display offers the same gaming experience as the 2230Fh, but adds a 4-in-1 memory card reader and built-in multi-media player for playing movies with NO PC REQUIRED. It has created a new category as a multi-functional display useful for business applications, gaming, movies, or showing off digital photos directly on an HD display.
  • The Next Step for extreme Gamers:
  • AOC is breaking into the WLED market with their V22 which will launch early in 2009. This ultra-thin display offers HDMI inputs, 100,000:1 contrast ratio and industry leading 2ms response time. This display is for gamers who demand the best in graphics and performance, but also prefer a display that offers the latest in thin display technology at an affordable price.
"AOC's Gamer Certified series of displays are all designed to offer the fastest response times for eliminating ghostly images and high contrast ratios truly show the detail of today's HD games," said Robert Velez, Marketing Manager for AOC. "With our experience as one of the world's largest display manufacturers AOC is able to take proven technologies and offer them for an affordable price. We believe that gamers should be able to play on displays that allow them to get the full experience when playing HD games as the game designers intended; crisp, clear and blur-free," added Velez.

Product Specification Highlights (for all AOC Gamer Certified HD Displays):
  • Contrast ratio – 12,000:1 through 100,000:1
  • HDMI inputs
  • 2ms ultra-fast response time
  • Dynamic contrast ratio control
  • 22" dispalys
Source: AOC
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6 Comments on AOC Releases V22 Verfino Series Displays, Take Gaming to Another Level

Interesting, very interesting. I wonder what the price tag will be. $300au ?
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Editor & Senior Moderator
Although it states "affordable price", these screens are LED backlit (an expensive illumination mechanism), so we never know.
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I'm guessing this is going to be about $400, which is very cheap for the kind of tech in this monitor.

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The Exiled Airman
2MS response time i dont care about, If it ghosts when a see a Tech Demo of a Actuall Game Running on it i wont buy it, I want to see a Display that can support Multiple Resolutions other than the Native, like a Hybrid of LCD/CRT Tech.
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indybird said:
I'm guessing this is going to be about $400, which is very cheap for the kind of tech in this monitor.

I hope that isnt $400us.
Ive been thinking about this monitor and i like it. I hope when they say affordable they mean affordable for us and not them.
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It looks nice but with OLED monitors coming out soon i think my sammy will be good enough until then.
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