Monday, January 5th 2009

TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.3.1 Now Available

TechPowerUp announces the availability of GPU-Z version 0.3.1 for download. GPU-Z is our graphics sub-system information and monitoring utility that provides information on installed graphics hardware, their various specifications, provides real-time updates on their parameters such as clock-speeds, temperatures, fan-speeds, etc., all in a neat, tabbed user-interface, backed by our overclock validation system and an extensive video card BIOS database. Version 0.3.1 brings in a few important updates to the table, notably:
  • Crash fix on systems without NVAPI (Win 2K, old NV drivers)
  • Optimized AMD RV770 BIOS reading code (faster application startup)
  • Added preliminary support for NVIDIA GT212, GT214, GT215, GT216, GT218
  • Added support for NVIDIA Quadro FX 4700 X2, GTX 295, GTX 285
  • Support for fan speed monitoring on ForceWare 180.xx and up
  • Voltage monitoring for NVIDIA GT200
...and more. For a complete changelog and download, please visit this page.
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2 Comments on TechPowerUp GPU-Z v0.3.1 Now Available

hello and happy new year to all :)

on vista x64 sp1 (up to date).4870x2 with driver 8.12 from

the value from graphics card tab are static (dont change if the clock are up or down)... and also is the default 3d settings.

on the sensors tab the values from gpu and memory are not static value, and are the corect one.

best regards...
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