Saturday, January 10th 2009

CES 2009: Crucial & Lexar

Crucial & Lexar have a large, open booth at the Las Vegas Convention Center. They are showing of some of their products, including DDR3 memory, USB flash drives and memory cards. There is a new line-up of such cards, which is intended for HD capable video camcorders. These do not only have the speed needed to play back such video, but also the write performance to record it in real time. Read on for their new flash drives and DDR3 memory

There two new flash drives being presented at the show. One has a swivel design, while the other has a retractable USB plug. These are aimed at the casual user, not being the fastest out there but are available at low price point.

Then there is the new triple-channel kits for Core i7. While the Ballistix used to come in one specific color with their heatspreaders and LEDs, the new DDR3 line-up is available in three colors. There is a live demo with such a kit up and running. It does look quite nice to be honest.Source: Lexar Crucial
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4 Comments on CES 2009: Crucial & Lexar

I want those blue Ballistx Tracers!!!!!!!! So bad:eek:
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crazy pyro
My Reds look pretty, although green wow!
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Cold Storm
Fit's will be able to tell us how those blue one are in a few days!!! Look's pretty nice as of flash drives..
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hmm im interested in those green ones... :)
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