Friday, January 23rd 2009

Thermaltake Introduces Element S Chassis

Thermaltake is a well-known brand for producing high performance, premium quality and superior design product and widely recognizable by media around the world. In the beginning of a new 2009, Thermaltake presenting a whole new line of chassis “Element S” as the year featured chassis. The profound appearance and structure design, “Element S” will the most stylist and unique of the year. Element S will first release exclusively in North America, and absolutely fulfills PC professionals demands.

Element S is entirely different from the chassis Thermaltake made especially for gamers and enthusiasts in the past. It is masterpiece focus on upper level of consumers' satisfaction by satisfy the creative professionals like 3D modeler, music composer, graphic designer, video editor and gamer themselves. The “S” for Element S represents Silence, Sophisticated, Spacious, Stream, Speedy and Substantial. With the six core design concepts, every surface, curve, line and crease has a function, expressing its potency and performance. With a seductive flow that incorporates profound detailing and powerful stance, the Element S delivers breathtaking beauty with performance.
Silence - With the silence environment that Element S created, Audio/Music composer can concentrate on their work without distraction of the noise come from the computer.

Sophisticated - With it's not so flashy appearance and very carefully painted black interior, Element S is a perfect companion for graphic designers.

Spacious - With tremendous HDD space Element S can offer, it can helps them to finish their masterpiece with ease.

Stream - With the superior airflow that Element S can provide, the heat energy that the system produce will be effectively take away.

Speedy - With Element S's advance mechanism like plug & play fan and direction-free HDD cage, gamers can minimize installation time when changing new key components. Their system can get online faster than ever!

The materials and traditional skills are essential elements of the Thermaltake’s experience. In the Element S, the beauty and performance is without equal. For more information, please visit the product page.

Source: Thermaltake
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Bird of Prey
Looks very nice and I like that they painted the inside black as well. Cost is gonna be around $200 USD I would think as most of their new awesome cases tend to be.

BTW BT, up in the paragraph you have specious instead of Spacious :D
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Mix of Antec 900 (top went) Lian Li and Silverstone (psu modular design) , Silverstone side panel "air intake" , also the hdd drive cages resembles the Coolermaster Dominator aka RC690
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Looks good, not too big which is the way I like it.

Obviously the red LED fan could be swapped for another colour but I wonder if the red front panel insert is easily removable for spraying? Then you could have it in any colour or combination of colours you like :toast:

I look forward to a review...
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The Witcher
This case reminds me of the Fatal!ty case...

I wish they sell these kind of stuff in Middle East :(
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They name the case "S". And is very similar in this view to another "S" case.

While the Cooler Master have a "hidden" symmetrical line in the middle, it is more accentuated on the Thermaltake. It's still a good looking case though.
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Outside looks plastic-y though.. kinda reminds me of early 2000 era casing design. Inside looks sweet though.. hope they have a transparent sidepanel option for it.. all that black internals would go to waste if you cant peek inside while OS is loading lol
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Black and red go so well together, much better then blues that normaly get thrown into every case. If I didnt already have the nzxt tempest (With all blues changed to reds) id deffinatly concider this case.
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Bjorn_Of_Iceland said:
hope they have a transparent sidepanel option for it.. all that black internals would go to waste if you cant peek inside while OS is loading lol
Seems there is only a mesh windowed option with a 230x230x20mm side fan. Looks like with that side panel groove+fan there no big CPU cooler will fit.

Looks really nice, but definitely needs a window. Too expensive for me anyways :)
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Yeah, it looks very nice indeed... But I'd need to find a red-themed desktop, not my style, tehehe.
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~Technological Technocrat~
personally I still prefer the look of the Cosmo S.
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Odin Eidolon
i am liking it. this rarely happens with TT cases :laugh:
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Odin Eidolon said:
i am liking it. this rarely happens with TT cases :laugh:
touche, i like it also, and yes it does have some outside "features" of Cosmos :nutkick:
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Resident Grammar Amender
I must admit I really like this case.
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I do not like. :o
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