Sunday, February 15th 2009

A-Data and PQI Joining SSD Co-Branding Alliance With Intel

A-Data and Power Quotient International (PQI) are contemplating a co-branding alliance with Intel, that lets them market Intel-made solid state drives (SSDs) with their own branding and end-user support policies. When implemented, the two companies will join Kingston memory in a league of companies selling Intel-made SSDs. Kingston released its SSDs in January 2009, as the first of its kind partnership with the silicon giant.

Sources tell DigiTimes that while A-Data will release co-branded SSDs shortly, PQI's SSDs will release later this month. PQI says that it will execute two marketing strategies for its SSD lineup. On the one hand, it plans to market Intel co-branded SSDs, on the other, an alliance with CoreSolid Storage will facilitate sourcing NAND flash controllers for a line of SSDs built for the white-box netbook market in China. The company seems to be already cooperating with 3~4 such netbook manufacturers.

Source: DigiTimes
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5 Comments on A-Data and PQI Joining SSD Co-Branding Alliance With Intel

what difference co-branding will make exactly? lower than intel prices? or what
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Basically it means 3 things:

1./ These companies want to stay in business... and need a SSD product

2./ They dont trust other OEM to make an equal or better product (re. jmicron controllers that completely destroyed trust with some vendors)

3./ Other OEM cannot match Intel prices on SSD

RESULT = without volume going to other OEM, then other OEM cannot get their manufacturing prices down... whereas Intel is getting all the orders... helping them manage costs and overheads... leading them to world domination. :pimp:
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yep. micron suck , everything they made is garbage, you can see that on motherboards
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Intel will be still making a profit bulk selling these to other vendors.

While its less profit than selling them directly, if half hte vendors in the world are selling intel SSD's, even if no one buys direct from intel they're still making a profit.

and as has been said, at least intels ones are going to be reliable and not flush your brand name down the toilet.
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