Saturday, February 28th 2009

Toldex Launches Robin Z5xx Nano Computer Modules Powered by Intel Atom

Toldex has unveiled two computer modules with pretty impressive dimensions. The credit card sized Robin Z530 and Z510 are embedded Nano COM Express Type 1 computer modules. They are based on Intel Atom Z530 and Z510 processors and the Intel System Controller Hub US15W, which combines the memory controller, graphic engine and I/O in a single, ultra compact design. The Intel Atom Z530 processor runs at 1.6 GHz and is designed for high performance computing with low power consumption. Robin Z510 features the Intel Atom Z510 processor which runs at 1.1 GHz. Robin Z530 also offers extension for a PCI Express x1 slot, GBit LAN, and up to 7 High Speed USB ports for fast signal connectivity. One USB port can be configured as USB client. The module features in the standard configuration a dual independent graphic output with VGA and LVDS outputs. Robins provide a wide range of interfaces for mass storage devices in Z5xx series. Both micro systems can include up to 2 GB Solid State Flash Disk, a MicroSD slot and a SATA interface on board. For additional information and prices, please click here.

Source: Toldex
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4 Comments on Toldex Launches Robin Z5xx Nano Computer Modules Powered by Intel Atom

The Exiled Airman
TBH with you i think Atom, if its fast enough could be used for LAN/Raid/USB expansion controllers as a PCI/PCIE/PCIX board.
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How confusing... a product name using the term "Nano" but using and atom not a nano processor.

I think the term "high performance computing" is out of place. While it is great to have a nano-ITX form factor (or is it?)... a single core Z limited to 1GB max RAM (stock 512MB) is a long way away from "2009 definition of high performance computing".
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mmm, i dont think it could have many uses
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LittleLizard said:
mmm, i dont think it could have many uses
Home/file server. could comfortably put ubuntu on one of those.
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