Wednesday, March 4th 2009

NVIDIA to Try and Develop x86 CPU in Two to Three Years

Graphics market seems to be already small enough for NVIDIA, so the green corporation looks further ahead into building a x86 processor in the near future. At the Morgan Stanley Technology Conference in San Francisco yesterday, the company revealed that it had plans to enter the x86 processor market by building a x86 compatible system-on-chip in the next two to three years. Michael Hara, NVIDIA’s senior vice president of investor relations and communications, commented:
I think some time down the road it makes sense to take the same level of integration that we’ve done with Tegra ...... Tegra is by any definition a complete computer on a chip, and the requirements of that market are such that you have to be very low power, very small, but highly efficient. So in that particular state it made a lot of sense to take that approach, and someday it’s going to make sense to take the same approach in the x86 market as well.
He also said that NVIDIA’s future x86 CPU wouldn’t be appropriate for every segment of the market, especially the high-end of the PC market which includes gaming systems, graphics engineering stations and many other. The x86 chip will be mainly targeted at smaller system-on-chip platforms. No other details were unveiled at the time of this publication. It's also very early to talk about something that's still on paper.Source: Blog on EDN
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crazy pyro
If you'd consider putting it in a machine that you're looking for even moderate performance from then it's a high-end CPU in this conversation, Atom, Nano they're the low end things...
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