Thursday, March 12th 2009

EVGA X58 Classified Ready for Launch

EVGA is set to announce the X58 Classified motherboard. The Intel Core i7 compatible motherboard is set to be one of the most feature-rich and expensive LGA-1366 motherboards till date. The design focus of this motherboard is based on the power-circuitry that fuels its various components. A 1.33 MHz 10-phase digital PWM circuitry with dual 8-pin 12V inputs, along with 4-phase circuit for the DDR3 memory, and 3-phase NB power. Four PCI-E x16 slots driven by the Intel X58 chipset in conjuction with NVIDIA's nForce BR-03 chipset adds 3-way SLI + an additional slot for a GeForce accelerator dedicated to process PhysX. Elaborate heatpipe-driven coolers over the board's northbridge and VRM areas keep temperatures under check. The X58 Classified is priced at US $449, and will start selling shortly. The product has made it to EVGA's catalogues and its product page online. A demonstration video of the product by EVGA can be viewed here.

Source: EVGA
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tcorbyn said:
I think building your rig will be about the last thing on your mind once youve had a little nipper! Trust ME!
Na, you just crank up the volume, and get your next door neighbors kid to change the smellies, kids don't charge as much as nannies.:roll:
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Looks nice but that northbridge is frickin huge. I don't see the need for something like that.. What happened to the good ol' fashioned copper blocks lol
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Overclocking Surrealism
newtekie1 said:
What does it matter that it has an nf200 on it?
The nf200 is a serious bottleneck for people without tri-sli
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After some delays, it's finally here. As of today I got 46 days left on my X58 step-up so I got plenty of time to think about it. I signed up for that "EVGA Loaner Program" the other day so I might be able to actually test it out before any potential step-up. Hopefully it will have a solid and mature BIOS to go along with it. The original X58 had some issues most of which were fixed with BIOS revisions later on. Anyways, with Shamino working for EVGA now it looks like a solid overclocker's motherboard.
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Here are the Specification of it

* Performance
Based on Intel X58/ICH10R chipset
Supports Intel Core i7 Processors
133 Mhz QPI Front Side Bus Memory
6 x 240-pin DIMM sockets
Triple Channel DDR3
Maximum of 12GB of DDR3 1600MHz+ Expansion Slot
4 x PCIe x16/x8, 1 x PCIe x1, 1 x PCI
1 x 32-bit PCI, support for PCI 2.1

* Storage I/O
1 x UltraDMA133
9 x Serial ATA 300MB/sec with support for RAID 0, RAID1, RAID 0+1, RAID5, JBOD
Floppy disk drive connector
Integrated Peripherals
8 Channel High Definition
2 x 10/100/1000

* Multi I/O
1 x PS2 Keyboard
1 x PS2 Mouse
1 x Parallel Port
2 x Serial Ports
8 x USB2.0 ports (4 external + 4 internal headers)
Audio connector (Line-in, Line-out, MIC)
FireWire 1394A (1 external, 1 header)

* Form Factor
EATX Form Factor
Length: 12in – 304.8mm
Width: 10.375in – 263.5mm
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PP Mguire
I still wanna put my classified in this boards classified
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Get ready to be shocked , if in america the price will be 449$ for me if i want to buy this MB would cost me :
1. transport to europe/romania ??? a few $
2. taxes from the customs if it's not made in EU and i think it's not
3. comercial adaos
4. VAT
5. other taxes i don't know
All this is what the importator pays to get the MB in our stores , not me buying from newegg or something.
From what i know prices in my country are usually 50-60% more than what is in US ( cheapest 4870 in US is 154$ and in my country is 245$ ) , so this MB would be 449$ plus 50% more would be 673$ , i'd say untouchable by most , who the hell would pay those money just for a MB.
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PP Mguire
Binge said:
that just helps my point, thanks :)
Pwnt :roll:
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Video doesnt work for me :(
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