Thursday, April 9th 2009

Spire Launches EZvault Tool-free HDD Enclosure

The newest in toolless technology, the eSATA EZvault is the pinnacle of stylish design and functionality. Made with the highest quality materials combined with outstanding design, the EZvault is vibration proof and excellent at getting rid of and keeping out any heat that could damage your harddrive.
Main Features:
  • 2.5 Enclosure,supports the newest 2.5 SATA HDD.
  • Plug & Play and hot swappable.
  • Tool free installation.
  • Vibration proof design Aluminum alloy cover for the best heat disspation.
  • Easy to backup your data with one Touch Backup.
  • Works with notebook and desktop PCs.
Product Includes:
Multi-language Owners manual, USB Data-cable, Data-cables, USB Power-cable, and Driver disc.

The EZ Vault is tool-free compatible with all 2.5-Inch HDD SATA or IDE Drives. Self USB Powered and External USB, eSATA and OTB versions are available.

The EZ Vault is now available for direct shipping from Spire factory, global branche locations and partner distributors. For more information, please use the email form on our Contact page, call one of our offices around the globe.
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keeping OUT any heat that could damage your ahrd drive...

arrrrgh! arrrgh! marketing hurts my MIND.
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